[Rd] [R-downunder] las with stripchart

John Maindonald John.Maindonald at anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 21 00:06:05 CET 2007

Hi Ross -
I believe I was wrong in thinking that passing via the ...
list to stripchart() was ever allowed.  Here are patches:

Add ... to the argument list
Add, at the beginning of the function:

pars <- list(...)

There are two calls to axis().  Modify these to:

       axis(1, at = at, labels = names(groups), las=pars$las)
       axis(2, at = at, labels = names(groups), las=pars$las)

Also col=pars$col and bg=pars$bg should probably get
passed in the call to points()

Are there also parameters that should be passed in the
call to title(), as Paul mooted in that July 2001 discussion?

For the earlier 2001 discussion, see


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On 21 Mar 2007, at 6:50 AM, Ross Ihaka wrote:

> Paul Murrell wrote:
>> Hi
>> John Maindonald wrote:
>>> Hi Paul -
>>> Do you know why las can no longer be passed as a parameter
>>> to stripchart(), though of course it can be set using par.  I note
>>> that is is still available for dotchart().
>> When was 'las' allowed in stripchart()?  (it is missing back as  
>> far as
>> 2.2.1 at least)
>> stripchart() does not allow many par() settings inline at all.  My
>> suspicion is that this is oversight rather than design, but I  
>> don't know
>> who the original author was.
> 'twas I. This is almost certainly an oversight.  Patch anyone?
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