[Rd] R 2.3.0 and rgl on OS X 10.4.6 (PR#8833)

eatkinso at mdanderson.org eatkinso at mdanderson.org
Thu May 4 20:08:47 CEST 2006

I just downloaded and installed R 2.3.0 on my Mac G5 running
OS X 10.4.6. I also updated with R.app revision 3114 as
recommended. Now, when I attemp to use package rgl
I get the error

> library(rgl)
Error: package 'rgl' is not installed for 'arch=ppc'

I have tried reinstalling from CRAN using both binary
and source. The source install fails, The binary install

Warning in install.packages(file.choose(), , NULL, type = "mac.binary") :
       argument 'lib' is missing: using /Users/neely/Library/R/library

and does not fix the problem.

The same problem occurs with some packages (e1071, svmpath)
but not others (gdata, gplots, gtools).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Neely Atkinson
eatkinso at mdanderson.org

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