[Rd] .Call question

Rossi, Peter E. Peter.Rossi at chicagogsb.edu
Wed Jul 26 22:36:03 CEST 2006

Writing R Ext says to treat R objects that are arguments to .Call as
read only (i.e. don't modify). 

I have a long list of lists that and I want to avoid the overhead of a
copy in my C code.  I would just like to modify some of the elements 
of list by replacing them with elements of exactly the same size/type.

below is an example of the essence of the problem.  This seems to work.
Is this dangerous or ok? (of course, I want to do something more
since I can do this in R, but I hope this illustrates my question).

SEXP modlist(SEXP list, SEXP ind, SEXP element){
   int index;

called in R as in 


here the .Call is used just for its effect on lst.



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