[Rd] R CMD check: non source files in src on (2.3.0 RC (2006-04-19 r37860))

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Thu Apr 20 23:12:42 CEST 2006

On Apr 20, 2006, at 1:23 PM, Henrik Bengtsson (max 7Mb) wrote:

>  Is it a general consensus on R-devel that *.tar.gz distributions  
> should only be treated as a distribution for *building* packages  
> and not for developing them?

I don't know whether this is a general consensus, but it definitely  
an important distinction. Some authors put their own Makefiles in src  
although they are not needed and in fact harmful, preventing the  
package to build on other systems - only because they are too lazy to  
use R building mechanism for development and don't make the above  

I'm not saying anything about make check here - my point is that tar- 
balls and development sources are definitely two separate concepts.  
For simple packages it may be possible to just tar-up the development  
sources, but that's rather a special case.


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