[Rd] R CMD check: non source files in src on (2.3.0 RC (2006-04-19 r37860))

Henrik Bengtsson (max 7Mb) hb at stat.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 20 19:23:56 CEST 2006

On 4/19/06, Prof Brian Ripley <ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, James Bullard wrote:
> > Hello, I am having an issue with R CMD check with the nightly build of
> > RC 2.3.0 (listed in the subject.)
> This is all explained in TFM, `Writing R Extensions'.
> > The problem is this warning:
> >
> > * checking if this is a source package ... WARNING
> > Subdirectory 'src' contains:
> >   README _Makefile
> > These are unlikely file names for src files.
> >
> > In fact, they are not source files, but I do not see any reason why they
> > cannot be there, or why I need to be warned of their presence.
> > Potentially I could be informed of their presence, but that is another
> > matter.
> Having unnecessary files in other people's packages just waste space and
> download bandwidth for each one of the users.

I hope the contents of a README file is more valuable than the what it
costs to download it though.

You gave a similar comment on a similar question I had in February
this year and also said "quoting you last reply "Can you not put your
master sources on your own web site."  Is it a general consensus on
R-devel that *.tar.gz distributions should only be treated as a
distribution for *building* packages and not for developing them? 
What do others think?  If so there are plenty of ways to make source
packages even smaller like having R CMD build removing source code
comments and empty lines etc.  This could possibly be an option to

Personally, I prefer paying for the extra bandwidth and treat *.tar.gz
as a very convenient base for development too.



> > Now, I only get this warning when I do:
> >
> > R CMD build affxparser
> > R CMD check -l ~/R-packages/ affxparser_1.3.3.tar.gz
> >
> > If I do:
> >
> > R CMD check -l ~/R-packages affxparser
> >
> > I do not get the warning. Is this inconsistent, or is there rationale
> > behind this? I think the warning is inappropriate, or at the least a
> > little restrictive. It seems as if I should be able to put whatever I
> > want in there, especially the _Makefile as I like to build test programs
> > directly and I want to be able to build exactly what I check out from
> > my source code repository without having to copy files in and out.
> All described in TFM, including how to set defaults for what is checked.
> > The output from R CMD check is below. Any insight would be appreciated.
> > As always thanks for your patience.
> [...]
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