[Rd] R-exts.texi in SVN version 36380

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri Nov 18 08:46:14 CET 2005

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Berwin A Turlach wrote:

> G'day all,
> after issuing `svn up' on my machine this morning, I noticed that
> `make info' choked on R-exts.texi.

Actually 'make' chokes.

> Below is a patch that seems to
> solve the problem.  BTW, while `make info' runs now, I still get the
> following warning:
> /usr/bin/makeinfo --enable-encoding -D UseExternalXrefs -I/opt/src/R-devel-src/doc/manual /opt/src/R-devel-src/doc/manual/R-exts.texi
> /opt/src/R-devel-src/doc/manual/R-exts.texi:1219: warning: @strong{Note...} produces a spurious cross-reference in Info; reword to avoid that.

Thank you for the report.  The last warning is long-standing and has been 
not thought worth fixing as very few (if any) Windows users use info.
The fix is simple though

@quotation Note to Windows users
@code{R CMD check} and @code{R CMD build} work well under Windows

> No idea how to fix that, my texinfo knowledge is not good enough. :)
> Actually, I am not clear on the following two questions:
> 1) Should such patches be sent to r-devel, r-bugs or both?
> 2) Should such patches be sent at all, or should users just wait till
>   R-core fixes it itself?

If they are this obvious you can just do nothing if you prefer.  We do 
expect people to run 'make all check' before committing and deal with any 
new warnings/errors, and when (as here) people omit to do so it gets 
spotted and fixed within hours.

There were other markup problems, e.g. we use @R{} for R.

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