[Rd] R-exts.texi in SVN version 36380

Berwin A Turlach berwin at maths.uwa.edu.au
Fri Nov 18 04:29:09 CET 2005

G'day all,

after issuing `svn up' on my machine this morning, I noticed that
`make info' choked on R-exts.texi.  Below is a patch that seems to
solve the problem.  BTW, while `make info' runs now, I still get the
following warning:

/usr/bin/makeinfo --enable-encoding -D UseExternalXrefs -I/opt/src/R-devel-src/doc/manual /opt/src/R-devel-src/doc/manual/R-exts.texi
/opt/src/R-devel-src/doc/manual/R-exts.texi:1219: warning: @strong{Note...} produces a spurious cross-reference in Info; reword to avoid that.

No idea how to fix that, my texinfo knowledge is not good enough. :)

Actually, I am not clear on the following two questions:
1) Should such patches be sent to r-devel, r-bugs or both?
2) Should such patches be sent at all, or should users just wait till
   R-core fixes it itself?



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