[Rd] Suggested changes to R-lang.texi and R-exts.texi

Berwin A Turlach berwin at maths.uwa.edu.au
Sat Nov 12 11:55:06 CET 2005

Dear all,

I would like to suggest the following changes to the R documentation:

1) R-exts.texi:
   Having had my first experience with uploading a package to
   ftp://cran.R-project.org/incoming/, I think it would be nice if the
   documentation pointed out that one should use ftp and not sftp (at
   least on my machine sftp failed to make a connection) and that one
   should log in as user 'anonymous' and not 'guest'.  As it is, I had
   to figure this out by trial and error.  It would also be nice, if
   in the phrase "sent a message to cran at r-project.org about it" the
   e-mail address would be a mailto: URL.

   The patch file attached below would modify R-exts.texi to
   incorporate all these chanes.

2) R-lang.texi:
   There was recently a short discussion on one of the R mailing list
   by someone who got bitten by partial matching.  Looking at
   R-lang.texi and the section that explains how function arguments
   are matched, I notice that the second step is explained thus:
        "Each named supplied argument is compared to the remaining formal
         arguments using partial matching."
   It might be just me, but when reading a sentence like this I start
   to wonder why the qualifier "remaining" is used for formal
   arguments but not for named supplied arguments and I am left
   momentarily confused.  I would like to suggest that the start of
   the sentence is changed to "Each remaining named supplied

   The patch file attached below would modify R-exts.texi to
   incorporate all these chanes.

The patch file attached below was produced by running "svn diff" on my
machine in the directory that contains the trunk of the R-devel
version of R.  So the patch file also includes the patch corresponding
to my bugreport #8218



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