[Rd] Namespaces, coercion and setAs

roger koenker roger at ysidro.econ.uiuc.edu
Fri Nov 26 18:50:33 CET 2004

I'm trying to resolve a small problem that has arisen from introducing a
NAMESPACE for the package SparseM.  Prior to the namespace I had
a class "matrix.diag.csr" that consisted of diagonal sparse matrices.  
was defined to have the same attributes as the matrix.csr class and 
was used to define how to coerce integers and vectors into this form:


                 n <- as.integer(from)
                 if(n>0) from  <-  rep(1,n)
                 else stop("Sparse identity matrices must have positive, 
integer dimension")
         else n <- length(from)
         return(new("matrix.diag.csr", ra = from ,ja = as.integer(1:n),
                 ia = as.integer(1:(n+1)), dimension = 

This seemed to be fine.   I could do,

	A  <- as(5,"matrix.diag.csr")

and A would be a 5x5 identity matrix in sparse form.  But post-namespace
I get:

 >A <-  as(5,"matrix.diag.csr")
Error in as(5, "matrix.diag.csr") : No method or default for coercing 
"numeric" to "matrix.diag.csr"

so apparently using exportClass(matrix.diag.csr)  isn't sufficient for 
coerce to know what to do.
Using findClass("matrix.diag.csr") indicates that the class is 
recognized to be from SparseM,
so my question is:  is there some mechanism that I'm missing in the 
that would enable my old setAs() directive to work, or is there some 
other suggestion on how
to proceed?

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