[Rd] Suggestions for packages / help / index (long mail)

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Thu Nov 25 05:38:05 CET 2004

Eric Lecoutre <lecoutre <at> stat.ucl.ac.be> writes:

: At 15:06 24/11/2004, Gabor Grothendieck wrote:
: >Eric Lecoutre <lecoutre <at> stat.ucl.ac.be> writes:
: >
: >: 6. Final point has already been discussed in the past. It is about misc
: >: packages and pieces of code. I propose the creation of 5 packages:
: >:       - miscGraphics (keywords: misc, Graphics)
: >:       - miscStatistics (keywords: misc, Statistics)
: >:       - miscMathematics (keywords: misc, Mathematics)
: >:       - miscBasics (keywords: misc, Basics)
: >:       - miscProgramming (keywords: misc, Programming)
: >
: >Rather than preset the categories perhaps evolving them would
: >be better, just starting out with a single Misc package and then
: >decomposing it into multiple packages as the categories become
: >clear.
: Those categories are taken from KEYWORDS (master entries). I guess it 
: wouldn't be difficult to still have substancial entries for those packages, 
: if some misc package maintainer would make the job to break their package 
: into pieces. BTW, I have to admit this choice is not easy to make for 
: several reasons, the main one beeing to keep the ability to modify one's 
: own contributions.
: For those packages, a collaborative plattform such as SourceForge and so 
: on, with Sync-ability, could be a good choice.
: Eric

Sorry, I did not understand the keyword connection you were making.
My comment was based on the 80/20 idea that if 80% of the software
gets contributed to 20%, i.e. one of the packages, then perhaps having
5 is superfluous.  If the categories are made afterwards, rather than
before, one can construct them to esnure a more even number of routines.

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