[Rd] Requested consideration: true, true, true in SearchObject.html

kwright at eskimo.com kwright at eskimo.com
Fri Nov 12 20:01:47 CET 2004

I've just posted an email to R-help with instructions on creating a
Firefox keyword search of the R documentation:

The method involves bookmarking the
RHOME/doc/html/search/SearchObject.html file.  Currently this page is set
up to only search help page titles:
line = line + document.SearchEngine.search (searchstring,true,false,false);

Note that by default the SearchEngine.html page has the Titles, Keywords
and Objects boxes all checked.

It would be useful for the keyword search to have SearchObject.html
include Title and Object name searches by default:
  line = line + document.SearchEngine.search (searchstring,true,true,true);

When I used 'grep -r SearchObject *' from RHOME, the only hits were to
The latter appears to create hyperlinks in the "See Also" section of help

A better possibility might be to create a new file (ex: SearchAll.html)
and include the requested change there.

Thanks for considering this request.


Kevin Wright

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