[Rd] whishlist: legend - changing color of the boxes-border

Wolski wolski at molgen.mpg.de
Mon Nov 8 21:07:15 CET 2004


Drawing a legend I would like to be able to specify the color of boxes which are drawn if fill or density is specified.

Currently the color of the boxes -- border is always black and can *not* be changed. To get this option only a *minimal* change is required.
Please consider the following code snipped copied from the function legend (package graphics).

The sensible line is marked by ###<-

 if (mfill) {
        if (plot) {
            fill <- rep(fill, length.out = n.leg)
            rect2(left = xt, top = yt + ybox/2, dx = xbox, dy = ybox, 
                col = fill, density = density, angle = angle, 
                border = "black")                                                          ####<--
        xt <- xt + dx.fill

Changing this line from 



Will enable to specify the color of the boxes borders.

If specifying the colors by param _fill_ the parameter _col_ is not used anyway but still available and set already to black in the parameter declaration. Therefore why not use it to specify colors to borders of boxes?


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