[Rd] Wish list

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Mon Jan 19 20:33:27 MET 2004

Peter Dalgaard wrote:

> It might have (and I wouldn't mind replacing Jitterbug with something
> that is actually maintained itself!), 

Being somewhat overwhelmed at the moment, I read this quickly as 
"maintains itself,"  and thought that would be pretty neat.

Back on earth, and speaking with no inside knowledge, I have the 
impression someone has to spend a lot of time removing R bug reports 
that really never should have been admitted into the repository.

Since this is a wish list, it would be nice if there were a system to 
allow reports to sit in a temporary "unconfirmed bug reports" area where 
all users could add comments like "confirmed in R-patched on zzz," 
"works in Linux," "fixed in R-devel," "here is a work around," "here is 
a patch," "this is a FAQ," or "read the documentation." Then some 
volunteer or the package maintainer would occasionally need to sort 
these, but a lot more of the work would be done by the larger R community.


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