[Rd] strange behaviour when converting from char to POSIX (PR#6422)

christoph.schmutz at meteoschweiz.ch christoph.schmutz at meteoschweiz.ch
Fri Jan 9 18:01:27 MET 2004

Full_Name: Christoph Schmutz, MeteoSchweiz, Switzerland
Version: R1.7.1, R1.8.1
OS: windows2000, solaris sunOS 5.8
Submission from: (NULL) (

I'm not sure if I don't get the clue, but please consider this:
> strptime("19930870150","%Y%j%H%M")
[1] "1993-03-28 01:50:00"
> strptime("19930870250","%Y%j%H%M")
[1] "1993-03-28 01:50:00"
> strptime("19930870350","%Y%j%H%M")
[1] "1993-03-28 03:50:00"

The behaviour is the same with R1.7.1 on Window2000 as on a R1.8.1 on sunOS

Thanks for the reply, Christoph

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