very minor Rgui problem in rw0641 (PR#204)
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 22:51:15 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, Jun 03, 1999 at 03:09:49PM +0200, wrote:
> In Rgui (rw0641) the dialog boxes opened by Help->R(standard interface)
> and Help->Apropos have to be closed by actually clicking on OK, rather
> than by hitting return. (Once I'm at the keyboard typing in the search
> term, return is more natural than going back to the mouse. But maybe I'm
> just old-fashioned.)

  This is a limit ot the toolkit we are using (GraphApp) which
  doesn't let to define a "default button". Brian and I have plans
  to look into this but, please, don't ask when.
  Anyway, keep reporting also this minor points.

> Is it OK to mention two bugs in one report? After using'x')
> which throws me into a Notepad screen, the Rgui is frozen. I can't
> minimize the notepad document and carry on with R. (The main reason to
> report this one is to apologise if I got the names of either of the
> above menus wrong; I can't check while I'm writing this!). But I can
> open other applications, such as Outlook, to copy/paste/send this. As
> soon as I kill the notpad document, I'm back in R OK.
  In the actual Windows implementation of, R waits for the editor
  to complete. This is also the Unix behaviour.
  If you don't like it, you should edit the function changing the
  the 'system' call towards the end from
  system(paste(.Options$editor, file))    
  system(paste(.Options$editor, file), wait=FALSE)
  The easiest way is to add the revised function to your 
  .Rprofile or to the system wide rwXXXX/etc/Rprofile so that it will
  replace the actual one (which lives in rwXXXX/library/base/R/base,
  but please, don't modify this file if you are not sure about what you
  are doing).

  Any opinion on making this the default behaviour for next releases ?

> I'm using NT4 (that doesn't seem to be obvious from the automatic info
> below?)

  You are right about this. Given the many flavours of Windows around
  Version, machine and friends should report more specific informations.
  This should be easy so, maybe, it will be in the next release.


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