IE5 html help search failure (PR#205)
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 15:56:15 +0200 (MET DST)

I hesitate to report this one because it is very likely system
dependent, and I have very little faith in my browser. Still, it may
point to something useful for someone to know.

On NT4, after help.start() brings up the web interface just fine
(despite the pessimistic warning on the terminal; is that still
necessary?), I can do apparaently anything in the help system, except

If I'm on the top search page page
(E:\programs\R\rw0641\doc\html\search\SearchEngine.html) and click on
any topic, say 'aplot', I go to 'address'
javascript:searchInIndex%20('%20aplot') and Explorer says 'Done', but
nothing happens. Click on 'Go back' and I get 'No matches for aplot have
been found'.

I've tried several others, and also typing easy terms such as 'plot'
into the dialog box, all to no avail.

Now here's the bit where you might get cross with me. I'm using MS
Internet Explorer 5, and I can't readily confirm the same thing happens
with a standard release such as 4, since our local administrators
decided in their wisdom to remove 4 when they installed 5. And of course
it may be a problem with our local java installation too (or as well).
I'm not in charge of that, but if anyone  can guess as to what might be
set up wrong at least perhaps I can point the IT helpdesk in the right

Or maybe after all it is actually a bug in the release.


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 platform = Windows
 arch = x86
 os = Win32
 system = x86, Win32
 status = 
 status.rev = 0
 major = 0
 minor = 64.1
 year = 1999
 month = May
 day = 8
 language = R

Search Path:
 .GlobalEnv, Autoloads, package:base

Dr S.C. Fear
Statistician         Hon. Lecturer
Roy Castle ICLCR     Dept Math. Sci.
200 London Road      University of Liverpool
Liverpool L3 9TA     Liverpool L69 3BX

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