R 3.4.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard pd.mes at cbs.dk
Fri Jun 30 11:44:29 CEST 2017

The build system rolled up R-3.4.1.tar.gz (codename "Single Candle") this morning.

The list below details the changes in this release.

You can get the source code from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.

Binaries for various platforms will appear in due course.

For the R Core Team,

Peter Dalgaard

These are the checksums (md5 and SHA-256) for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted:

MD5 (AUTHORS) = f12a9c3881197b20b08dd3d1f9d005e6
MD5 (COPYING) = eb723b61539feef013de476e68b5c50a
MD5 (COPYING.LIB) = a6f89e2100d9b6cdffcea4f398e37343
MD5 (FAQ) = 8c65d9a0af345a185d3770c9876f1d51
MD5 (INSTALL) = 7893f754308ca31f1ccf62055090ad7b
MD5 (NEWS) = 4cd5e22f3fffd3525a65acd7d3ed0e28
MD5 (NEWS.0) = bfcd7c147251b5474d96848c6f57e5a8
MD5 (NEWS.1) = eb78c4d053ec9c32b815cf0c2ebea801
MD5 (NEWS.2) = 71562183d75dd2080d86c42bbf733bb7
MD5 (R-latest.tar.gz) = 3a79c01dc0527c62e80ffb1c489297ea
MD5 (README) = f468f281c919665e276a1b691decbbe6
MD5 (RESOURCES) = 529223fd3ffef95731d0a87353108435
MD5 (THANKS) = f60d286bb7294cef00cb0eed4052a66f
MD5 (VERSION-INFO.dcf) = cc04bf1371ce85ec7fb32143692ead4e
MD5 (R-3/R-3.4.1.tar.gz) = 3a79c01dc0527c62e80ffb1c489297ea

6474d9791fff6a74936296bde3fcb569477f5958e4326189bd6e5ab878e0cd4f  AUTHORS
e6d6a009505e345fe949e1310334fcb0747f28dae2856759de102ab66b722cb4  COPYING
6095e9ffa777dd22839f7801aa845b31c9ed07f3d6bf8a26dc5d2dec8ccc0ef3  COPYING.LIB
f0d18e22b9bdfe1dd91547d401b4ef5c8828b2c956a51dc54e7476196b48f87e  FAQ
f87461be6cbaecc4dce44ac58e5bd52364b0491ccdadaf846cb9b452e9550f31  INSTALL
c732c6ec885f4085ba20ae837ac9bcf2ad0952e61fcf910953bdd8dd2c103d23  NEWS
4e21b62f515b749f80997063fceab626d7258c7d650e81a662ba8e0640f12f62  NEWS.0
12b30c724117b1b2b11484673906a6dcd48a361f69fc420b36194f9218692d01  NEWS.1
a10f84be31f897456a31d31690df2fdc3f21a197f28b4d04332cc85005dcd0d2  NEWS.2
shasum: R-2: 
shasum: R-3: Is a directory
02b1135d15ea969a3582caeb95594a05e830a6debcdb5b85ed2d5836a6a3fc78  R-latest.tar.gz
2fdd3e90f23f32692d4b3a0c0452f2c219a10882033d1774f8cadf25886c3ddc  README
408737572ecc6e1135fdb2cf7a9dbb1a6cb27967c757f1771b8c39d1fd2f1ab9  RESOURCES
52f934a4e8581945cbc1ba234932749066b5744cbd3b1cb467ba6ef164975163  THANKS
e53d0641f90183fee5b7bec130b77d398634211a111fee3ceefb1536275865be  VERSION-INFO.dcf
02b1135d15ea969a3582caeb95594a05e830a6debcdb5b85ed2d5836a6a3fc78  R-3/R-3.4.1.tar.gz

This is the relevant part of the NEWS file



   * The deprecated support for PCRE versions older than 8.20 has been


   * getParseData() gave incorrect column information when code
     contained multi-byte characters.  (PR#17254)

   * Asking for help using expressions like ?stats::cor() did not
     work.  (PR#17250)

   * readRDS(url(....)) now works.

   * R CMD Sweave again returns status = 0 on successful completion.

   * Vignettes listed in .Rbuildignore were not being ignored
     properly.  (PR#17246)

   * file.mtime() no longer returns NA on Windows when the file or
     directory is being used by another process.  This affected
     installed.packages(), which is now protected against this.

   * R CMD INSTALL Windows .zip file obeys --lock and --pkglock flags.

   * (Windows only) The choose.files() function could return incorrect
     results when called with multi = FALSE.  (PR#17270)

   * aggregate(<data.frame>, drop = FALSE) now also works in case of
     near-equal numbers in by.  (PR#16918)

   * fourfoldplot() could encounter integer overflow when calculating
     the odds ratio. (PR#17286)

   * parse() no longer gives spurious warnings when extracting srcrefs
     from a file not encoded in the current locale.

     This was seen from R CMD check with inst/doc/*.R files, and check
     has some additional protection for such files.

   * print.noquote(x) now always returns its argument x (invisibly).

   * Non-UTF-8 multibyte character sets were not handled properly in
     source references.  (PR#16732)

Peter Dalgaard, Professor,
Center for Statistics, Copenhagen Business School
Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Phone: (+45)38153501
Office: A 4.23
Email: pd.mes at cbs.dk  Priv: PDalgd at gmail.com

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