Rcmdr version 2.0-0 now on CRAN

John Fox jfox at MCMASTER.CA
Fri Aug 23 00:43:55 CEST 2013

Dear R-help list members,

Version 2.0-0 of the Rcmdr package is now on CRAN and should appear
presently on the various CRAN mirrors. As its number implies, this version
represents a milestone in the development of the package, which first
appeared on CRAN more than 10 years ago. The transition to version 2.0-0
reflects both substantial upgrades to the Rcmdr interface in the new release
(see the release notes below) as well as accumulated changes in recent
versions. Of particular note beyond the interface improvements is the
integration of HTML and PDF report generation via the knitr and markdown

>From the package NEWS file:

Changes to Version 2.0-0

  o New package co-author: Milan Bouchet-Valet. 

  o Many changes to style of dialogs: tabs, Reset button, Apply button,
small interface improvements.

  o Support for R Markdown, with script and Rmd tabs.

  o Expanded Options dialog and new Save Options dialog.

  o Better handling of default fonts.

  o Improved probability plots. 

  o Introduced plotDistr(), lineplot(), indexplot() convenience functions.

  o New nonparametric density estimate dialog.

  o Use automatic point identification as default in plot dialogs.

  o Calls to deprecated functions .find.package() and .path.package()
replaced by find.package() and path.package() (suggestion of Brian Ripley).

  o Partial correlations now optionally report pairwise p-values (suggestion
of Aaron Swink).

  o Removed Sciviews support code.

  o Small fixes.

  o Updated translations (with thanks to the translators): Italian (Stefano
Calza), Korean (Jong-Hwa Shin), Romanian (Adrian Dusa), Russian (Alexey
Shipunov), Spanish (Manuel Munoz-Marquez).

  o Show menu item for English introductory manual even if a "translation"
is available (suggestion of Manuel Munoz-Marquez).

As usual, please report bugs or problems to jfox at mcmaster.ca. Comments and
suggestions are also appreciated.

John and Milan

John Fox
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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