useR! 2010

Mullen, Katharine Megan katharine.mullen at
Mon Jul 27 16:02:58 CEST 2009

We are happy to announce that the R user conference

   useR! 2010

is scheduled for July 21-23, 2010, and will take place at the campus
of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

As for the predecessor conferences, the program will consist of two
parts: invited lectures and user-contributed sessions (abstract
submission will be available online starting from October 2009). Prior
to the conference, there will be tutorials on R (proposals for
tutorials should be sent before 2009-11-01).


Invited speakers will include

        Mark Handcock, Frank Harrell Jr, Friedrich Leisch, Michael Meyer,  
	Richard Stallman, Luke Tierney, Diethelm Wuertz.


The sessions will be a platform to bring together R users,
contributors, package maintainers and developers in the S spirit that
`users are developers'. People from different fields will show us how
they solve problems with R in fascinating applications.  
The sessions are organized by members of the program committee,

         Dirk Eddelbuettel, John Fox, Virgilio Gomez-Rubio, 
	 Richard Heiberger, Torsten Hothorn, Aaron King, Jan de Leeuw,
         Nicholas Lewin-Koh, Andy Liaw, Uwe Ligges, Martin Maechler,
         Katharine Mullen, Heather Turner, Ravi Varadhan, H. D. Vinod,
         John Verzani, Alan Zaslavsky, Achim Zeileis.

The program will cover topics such as

     * Applied Statistics & Biostatistics
     * Bayesian Statistics
     * Bioinformatics
     * Chemometrics and Computational Physics
     * Data Mining
     * Econometrics & Finance
     * Environmetrics & Ecological Modeling
     * High Performance Computing
     * Machine Learning
     * Marketing & Business Analytics
     * Psychometrics
     * Robust Statistics
     * Social network analysis
     * Spatial Statistics
     * Statistics in the Social and Political Sciences
     * Teaching
     * Visualization & Graphics
     * and many more.


Before the official program, half-day tutorials will be offered on
Tuesday, July 20th.

We invite R users to submit proposals for three hour tutorials on
special topics on R. The proposals should give a brief description of
the tutorial, including goals, detailed outline, justification why the
tutorial is important, background knowledge required and potential
attendees. The proposals should be sent before 2009-11-01 to useR-2010


A webpage offering more information is available at


   2009-10-01	open submission of abstracts 
   2009-10-01	open registration
   2009-11-01	tutorial submission deadline
   2010-03-01	early registration deadline
   2010-03-01	submission deadline for abstracts
   Before 2010-03-15	notification of acceptance
   2010-06-20	registration deadline (later registration NOT possible on site) 
   2010-07-20	tutorials
   2010-07-21	conference start
   2010-07-23	conference end

We hope to meet you in Gaithersburg!

The organizing committee:
         Nathan Dodder, William Guthrie, Walter Liggett, John Lu,
         Katharine Mullen, Jonathon Phillips, Antonio Possolo, 
   	 Ravi Varadhan.

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