R 2.6.2 is released

Peter Dalgaard P.Dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Feb 8 12:18:00 CET 2008

I've rolled up R-2.6.2.tar.gz a short while ago.

This is a maintenance release and fixes a number of mostly minor bugs.
See the full list of changes below.

You can get it (in a short while) from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you. Binaries
for various platforms will appear in due course.

        For the R Core Team

        Peter Dalgaard

These are the md5sums for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted:

070cca21d9f8a6af15f992edb47a24d5  AUTHORS
eb723b61539feef013de476e68b5c50a  COPYING
a6f89e2100d9b6cdffcea4f398e37343  COPYING.LIB
91f7aee4dda919e6503c46c2c31f8c15  FAQ
22607d0bc2ea0832ce62544715ad7885  NEWS
1099cbf02c624ceb459d9bbc4d0d1448  R-2.6.2.tar.gz
020479f381d5f9038dcb18708997f5da  RESOURCES
1ad28cbc84485ccdf4ce5721b34ed645  THANKS

Here is the relevant bit of the NEWS file:

                CHANGES IN R VERSION 2.6.2


    o   colnames(DF) is now also fast for large dataframes DF with
        automatic row.names.  Note that the correct usage is
        names(DF).  (PR#10470)

    o   tools::texi2dvi() works around the failure of 'texi2dvi --quiet'
        to be quiet in texinfo 4.11.

    o   On Linux, parallel 32/64-bit installations are supported using


    o   A compilation problem on one system where glob was not found
        has been corrected.  (PR#10468)

    o   The "profile.nls" method of plot() was losing the x axis labels.

    o   array() computed the total number of entries in the array before
        coercing the dimensions to integer.  (Reported by Allen McIntosh.)

    o   persp() misreported errors in the y parameter.  (Reported by Allen

    o   source("clipboard", echo=TRUE) and file("clipboard", open="rt")
        gave spurious errors.  (Reported by Fernando Saldanha.)

    o   attributes<-() stripped any existing attributes before checking
        that all elements of the right-hand side had names.

    o   rbinom(n, size, *) gave NaN when 'size > .Machine$integer.max'.

    o   print.summary.lm() is now consistent in the capitalization of

    o   confint() misreported on some rank-deficient lm() models.
        (PR#10496)  This could also occur in the default method.

    o   \code{\var{<name>}} was not rendered correctly to latex in Rd
        files for non-alphabetic arguments <name>.

    o   In 2.6.1, curve(*, add=TRUE) used a wrong default 'xlim' when x
        coordinates were logged.

    o   The Java-based search in help.start() now only requires a
        JVM >= 1.4 (2.6.1 accidentally required >= 1.5).

    o   The default method for range() was omitting 'na.rm' for
        non-numeric objects such as those of class "Date".  (PR#10508)

    o   cut(x, breaks=<n>) misbehaved on a constant vector of negative

    o   bxp(), the plotting engine of boxplot(), no longer plots staple
        ticks multiple times.  (PR#10499)

    o   The automatic detection of the domain for message translation
        was not working correctly for messages in message(), warning()
        and stop() in packages other than 'base'.

    o   The profile.nls() function misbehaved when encountering
        non-convergence of the "port" algorithm.

    o   Under certain rare circumstances in R 2.6.x, log(), round()
        and trunc() could alter their arguments in the caller.  This
        involved passing of empty '...' arguments, and was spotted
        when using apply(x, 2, log).

    o   par() no longer warns unnecessarily when asked to set new=FALSE
        on an unused graphics device.

    o   plot.formula() was not passing on '...' when used with a
        one-sided formula.

        plot.formula() was not accepting expressions for annotations
        passed to title().  (PR#10525)

    o   pchisq(x, df=0, ncp=L) now returns the correct limit exp(-L/2) for
        x=0 and is no longer returning NaN for x > 0, L < 80.  (PR#10551)

    o   Non-ASCII characters were only working correctly in Hershey
        fonts if these were specified by the 'vfont' argument to
        text() and not if specified as a font family.

    o   There were several errors in Hershey$allowed, but the help
        page listed the allowed combinations correctly.

    o   text() no longer attempts to use 'vfont' with an expression
        for 'labels' (it was documented not to work).

    o   fisher.test(simulate.p.value = TRUE) gave incorrect answers
        in some extremely degenerate problems.  (PR#10558)

    o   src/extra/pcre has been updated to PCRE 7.5 (bugfix release).

    o   capture.output() completes an incomplete final line of
        output when file = NULL.  (PR#10534)

    o   capture.output() now returns invisibly if output is written to
        a file/connection.

    o   format.AsIs() did not remove the "AsIs" class and so could go
        into an infinite loop.

    o   summary.mlm() lost the names of the coefficients when there
        was only one.

    o   Rdconv was not marking examples files with an encoding if
        this was known from the package's DESCRIPTION file.

    o   readChar() from a raw vector was reading a number of bytes,
        not characters.

    o   slotNames() was erroneously treating classes that extend
        "character" as strings.

    o   R no longer ignores SIGPIPE signals even in processes launched
        by system().  Instead PR#1959 is handled by a simple error
        handler which will give an error message in circumstances
        where none was given before.

    o   The AIC() S4 generic in package stats4 no longer disables
        dispatch of S3 methods for AIC().

    o   The conflicts check in library() excluded all S4 generics, even
        where they were unrelated to the function masked.  It is now
        more selective (although still too generous to S4 generics).

    o   proc.time() was missing a protect and could misbehave if
        provoked by gctorture().  (PR#10600)

    o   The cut() and hist() methods for dates and datetimes are now
        more accurate for intervals of "months" and "years", thanks to
        Marc Schwarz.

    o   url()/download.file() could segfault if the HTTP interaction
        involved a redirect to an address starting with '/' on the
        same server.

    o   Memory allocations used in format() and in an internal utility
        function could be off by one byte. (PR#10635)

    o   isoreg(x, y) no longer segfaults when y has NAs.

    o   split(x, g) always returns a list as documented.  (It used to
        return NULL for a zero-length 'x'.)

    o   tapply(x, g, ...) misbehaved if the args were of zero length.

    o   hist.POSIXt(*, xaxt = "n") no longer suppresses the y-axis.

    o   strptime() crashed under certain locales on Mac OS X.

    o   gregexpr() no longer segfaults when "" is given as the search
        pattern.  Thanks to Herve Pages for the bug report.

    o   matplot(x, *) with default 'pch' did not plot columns from column
        number 37 on (because the default pch was NA for those). (PR#10676)

    o   print.htest() lost output when used within sink(file, split=TRUE).

    o   Setting par(col.main=) also set par("col") to the same colour.

    o   Anonymous fifos were broken (again).

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