R 2.1.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Jun 20 12:18:39 CEST 2005

I've rolled up R-2.1.1.tar.gz a short while ago. This is a maintenance
release containing mainly bugfixes.

See the full list of changes below.

You can get it from


(give it some time to arrive there) or wait for it to be mirrored at a
CRAN site nearer to you. If you're *really* impatient,
www.biostat.ku.dk/~pd/R-release should work too. Binaries for various
platforms will appear in due course.
There is also a version split for floppies.

        For the R Core Team

        Peter Dalgaard

These are the md5sums for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted:

94d55d512a9ba36caa9b7df079bae19f  COPYING
d8045f3b8f929c1cb29a1e3fd737b499  COPYING.LIB
70447ae7f2c35233d3065b004aa4f331  INSTALL
1504edf0958138c034375749c3a189ee  NEWS
88bbd6781faedc788a1cbd434194480c  ONEWS
4f004de59e24a52d0f500063b4603bcb  OONEWS
e755b0ba5851ec261000af6b5c510335  R-2.1.1.tar.gz
97ff97d7094ef8d4cb0615bc9c3c4fe0  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.aa
40bbb45da53c04fefcaa8370ca84df81  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ab
1fe3281097b6bce8c5d1eef2d1105f6a  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ac
eaaa59c6f78b47ca45439f59f4bc99a2  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ad
7b3f0fba58926784052632133b926311  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ae
7bf0703625535bec3da0a5e66e6c1d28  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.af
d1da10e9d40f1266a5aa8d71e5def67e  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ag
e90ea3c12153908184a4cb5307ffde09  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ah
03f19a0d058aba30c686400fc3f85d76  R-2.1.1.tar.gz-split.ai
e755b0ba5851ec261000af6b5c510335  R-latest.tar.gz
56a780cdec835c5c598f8dfc0738f7f3  README

Here is the relevant bit of the NEWS file:



    o	bug.report() now reports the locale in use.

    o	upgrade.packageStatus() allows user input "c" to cancel the
	upgrade, just as update.packages() does.

    o	glm() now accepts 1D arrays (e.g. tables) as a response,
	dropping them to a vector whilst preserving names.

    o	df() with one infinite df now works (to match pf()).

    o	Added tclServiceMode() function to the tcltk package to allow
    	updating to be suspended.

    o	The Encoding: field of a DESCRIPTION file is now documented,
	and used by packageDescription() and library(help=).

    o	There has been progress on translations: existing translations
	have been revised and expanded, and French and Korean have
	been added.

	The Windows installer supports a wide range of languages for


    o	lm(qr=FALSE) now works.

    o	predict.glm() not longer loses names for "response" predictions.

    o	Typo in menu(graphics=TRUE) meant it failed on Unix if tcltk
	was not available.

    o	When names.dist() was removed, the result of cmdscale() lost
	its rownames.  The example also lost the labels.

    o	R CMD check assumed 'tar' was GNU tar and so supported -z.

    o	read.table() was not handing escaped quotes inside quoted fields
	in the first five lines of the file.  (PR#7789)

	It was also not handling correctly EOF in the first five lines
	when reading from stdin().  (PR#7772)

    o	'make uninstall' was incomplete.

    o	make.packages.html() called by help.start() was failing if
	there were installed packages with help titles invalid in the
	current locale.

    o	printCoefmat(signif.legend = FALSE) was non-functional. (PR#7802)

    o	Some as.date.frame() methods failed because the expression
	deparsed into multiple lines. (PR#7808)

    o	setRepositories() had a typo. (PR#7810)

    o	Printing arrays/data frames with multibyte characters in the
	column labels was sometimes misaligned or using excessive space.

    o	The Tcl/Tk console did not support multibyte characters.

    o	as.POSIXlt() could give infinite recursion if passed a corrupt
	"POSIXct" object (generated by an incorrect call to c.POSIXct,

    o	update.packages() was not passing 'type' correctly to

    o	Printing the result of an unbalanced model.tables() call
	sometimes got confused if terms() had rearranged interaction
	terms.	(PR#7829)

    o	.Platform$pkgType was wrong on the CRAN MacOS X build, and
	.install.macbinary() was missing.

    o	as.personList() as used by citation() got confused by names
	containing "and".  (PR#7797)

    o	Subscripting an array by a matrix containing zero or negative
	values or the wrong number of columns was not handled
	consistently. (PR#7824)

    o	select.list(multiple=TRUE) now detects and tries again for invalid
	text input.

    o	add1.[g]lm could give strange results with interaction terms
	when the model and the upper scope had different orders for
	the main effects.  (PR#7842)

    o	A bug had sneaked into the anova.mlmlist() code, affecting the
	Greenhouse-Geisser epsilon. Code wrongly assumed a matrix to
	be symmetric. (Thanks to Bela Bauer.)

    o	anova.mlmlist() and mauchley.test() are now more tolerant to rank
	deficiency in the M and X matrices (also when they are implicitly
	generated via model.matrix()).

    o   anova.mlm had a scoping issue (PR#7898)

    o	pf() with infinite df is allowed again.	 It is now more accurate
	for extreme ratios of dfs, especially when there is a
	non-centrality parameter.

    o	df() was inaccurate for large df (1e16 or greater).

    o	dt() was inaccurate for large df (1e9 or greater) with a
	non-centrality parameter.

    o	runmed(*, algorithm="Turlach") seg.faulted in rare cases.

    o	strwrap() now makes a reasonable job of text that is invalid in the
	current locale.

    o	Reading with encoding "UCS-2LE" will remove any Byte Order
	Mark, as most implementations of iconv fail to handle BOMs
	(which are present in 'Windows Unicode' files).

    o	unique() for a list was incorrectly reporting `unimplemented'.

    o	The parser's contextstack was not protected against overflow,
	e.g. more than 50 unmatched '('.  (PR#7859)

    o	source(file, chdir = TRUE) was not checking that 'file' was a
	filepath (rather than a URL).  For 2.1.0 only, it did not work
	even if 'file' was a filepath.

    o	Hershey fonts were being sized based on pixels not points so came
        out too small on devices where pixels were noticeably different
	from points (e.g., win.printer() and high-resolution screens).

	Fix means that default size of Hershey fonts may be slightly
	different, for example, smaller by default on PostScript and PDF.

    o	The branch cuts in the complex versions of the inverse
	trigonometric and hyperbolic functions were non-standard.

    o	truncate() on file() connections was limited to files < 2Gb.  It
	now works for larger files at least on 64-bit OSes and others
	where ftruncate supports such files.  (Related to PR#7879)

    o	proj.aovlist() did not work correctly on objects fitted from a
	data frame with row names.

    o	The coding standards recommendations had
	nuke-trailing-whitespace where newer versions of ESS need
	ess-nuke-trailing-whitespace.  (PR#7888)

    o	package.skeleton() missed the first newline in the DESCRIPTION file.

    o	pbirthday() reported p = 1 too often when coincident > 2.

    o	plot(1:3, exp(1:3), log = "y", ylim = c(30,1)) {reversed
	log-scale axis} now works, based on Uwe Ligges' suggestions.

    o	install.packages() was aborting when a package in a bundle was
	chosen from a menu.  It failed if more than one package in a
	bundle was chosen from the command line.

    o	qcauchy() suffered from underflow in the extreme tails.  (PR#7902)

    o	Printing of raw matrices/arrays was not implemented. (PR#7912)

    o	getCallingDLL()'s default first argument did not correspond to
	its description and has been changed.  The mismatch caused
	symbols in .C/.Call/.Fortran calls without a PACKAGE= argument 
	to be potentially looked up in the wrong namespace.

    o	Binary save() of raw vectors was not working correctly on
	big-endian platforms.  (PR#7812)

    o   as.Date.factor() now accepts a format argument.

    o	Workaround added for FreeBSD which does not have alloca.h _and_
	does not allow alloca() to be declared.

    o	identify() now respects 'cex'.  (PR#660)

	Warnings from identify() are now printed immediately even on
	consoles with delayed printing.

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