Notes on Windows binaries of contributed packages

Uwe Ligges ligges at
Fri Aug 29 20:15:09 CEST 2003

Announcement for Windows users of R < 1.7.0
  and maintainers of contributed packages

[Please do not reply to r-announce!]

Windows users of R < 1.7.0
[Users of R-1.7.x are not affected.]

In order to clean up the directory structure on CRAN, the Windows binary
version of contributed packages for R < 1.7.0 will be moved from
to a subdirectory ./1.6 shortly.
Therefore, install.packages() and friends of R < 1.7.0 won't work
without specifying argument "contriburl" explicitly. Of course, manual
download and installation is possible as well. Note that these packages
are no longer being updated (last update was: 11-Apr-2003).
ReadMe files will be available in the corresponding directories.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to a recent version of R!

Maintainers of contributed packages
Starting with the first alpha releases of R-1.8.0 (in development), I am
going to make Windows binary versions of contributed packages available
(around September 13) at Your-CRAN-Mirror/bin/windows/contrib/1.8
(currently still linked to the ./1.7 directory).
Packages that do not compile out of the box or do not pass "Rcmd check"
with "OK" or "WARNING" will *not* be published. This "Status", i.e.
result of "Rcmd check" ("OK", "WARNING", "ERROR"), will be listed in a
file "./1.8/Status". Corresponding check.log will be available in
subdirectory ./1.8/check.
For details, please read the ReadMe (to appear).

Best regards,
Uwe Ligges

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