ArrayAnalyzer and Bioconductor

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at
Fri Mar 21 16:01:47 CET 2003

Today, Insightful Corporation ( is announcing the
availability of S+ArrayAnalyzer, a new, integrated module for S-PLUS
based on collaboration with the BioConductor Project
( - an open source and open development software
project for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data.

The collaboration between Insightful and BioConductor delivers
benefits to both commercial and academic researchers analyzing
microarray experiments:

- BioConductor's advanced analytics for genomic data will be available
  to a wider audience via a commercially supported product from
  Insightful, a long-established vendor with fully staffed tech
  support, training, and consulting.

- S+ArrayAnalyzer adds numerous features that can improve productivity
  for many users, such as installation, more data access and import
  options, a guided-workflow interface, interactive graphs with
  hyperlinked annotation, Web deployment of applications.

- Insightful will sponsor a graduate student position in the
  BioConductor project to help drive continued advancements and
  innovation in both the open source and commercial offerings.

- A new differential expression library (lpetest), written by
  Insightful and the University of Virginia, will be ported to R and
  made available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) and
  BioConductor in Summer 2003.

Spokespeople for BioConductor see the collaboration as helping ensure
the distribution and high-level end-user support of key research tools
to the broadest possible population of researchers. These people
include: S.Dudoit, Division of Biostatistics, University of
California, Berkeley; R.A. Irizarry, Department of Biostatistics,
Johns Hopkins University; V.J. Carey, Harvard Medical School;
R. Gentleman, Harvard School of Public Health.

Shawn Javid, Insightful's CEO had this to add, "The collaboration with
BioConductor is a blueprint for how Insightful can work with the open
source community to bring highly innovative data analysis applications
to the widest possible user base.  This cooperation improves the
analytic solutions available to our common base of S programmers and
the non-statisticians who benefit from using applications developed
with S-PLUS and R."

S+ArrayAnalyzer is available now with pricing for commercial and
academic organizations available by calling (800)569-0123 x479, or via
email at pharmasales at

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