[R] R-1.6.2 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Jan 10 17:17:02 CET 2003

Peter Dalgaard BSA <p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk> writes:

> Here's the relevant part of the NEWS file:
>                 CHANGES IN R VERSION 1.6.2

Sorry, not quite... This is it:

                CHANGES IN R VERSION 1.6.2


    o   plot.stepfun() now obeys a `ylim=.' specification.

    o   removeClass() does a better job of removing inheritance

    o   setIs() will not allow mismatched representations between two
        classes (without an explicit coerce method).

    o   The code underlying polygon drawing contained a memory leak.
        This showed up in persp, but did not affect other graphics
        functions.  It is now possible to draw big DEMs.

    o   logLik.nls() gave wrong df. (PR#2295)

    o   rbind() with a mixture of data frames and matrices treated the
        matrices as vectors. (PR#2266)

    o   stripchart(method="stack") was not handling missing values. (PR#2018)

    o   Arithmetic functions such as log() lost the object bit from
        classed objects if coercion was needed. (PR#2315)

    o   exp_rand would go into an infinite loop if unif_rand returned 0.

    o   formatC(x, format="fg") could return exponential format if
        rounding pushed x over a positive power of 10. (PR#2299)

    o   attr(x, foo) used partial matching for `foo' (even though not
        documented to do so), and failed to find `foo' if there were
        two or more partial matches before the exact match in the list
        of attributes.

    o   Rdconv now creates direct HTML hyperlinks when linking to
        documentation in the same package.  The code now ensures that
        links which can be resolved within the package are so resolved,
        even when there are possible resolutions in other packages.

    o   If readBin(what=character()) is used incorrectly on a file which
        does not contain C-style character strings, warnings (usually
        many) are now given.

    o   Building libR.so with the zlib in the R sources was not
        finding the local zlib headers.

    o   system(intern=TRUE) has an undocumented line length limit of
        119 chars both on Unix and Windows.  The limit is now 8096 and
        documented.  On Unix (only) every 120th character used to be

    o   plot.POSIX[cl]t were not passing graphics parameters on to

    o   On some HP-UX systems, installed scripts were not executable
        when using the BSD-compatible install system program found by
        configure.  We now always use install-sh on HP-UX. (PR#2091)

    o   c() was converting NA names to "NA": now proper NA strings are
        used wherever possible. (PR#2358)

    o   A typo was causing segfaults when using data.entry under SuSE.

    o   mostattributes<-() was failing to copy across dimnames when
        one component was NULL, affecting pmax() and pmin() when the
        first argument was a matrix.  (root cause of PR#2357)

    o   The pdf() device now initialises graphical parameters
        properly.  (PR#2281)

    o   Checks in the C code prevent possible memory faults when
        standardGeneric is called invalidly.

    o   Macros NEW_OBJECT (aka NEW) and MAKE_CLASS added; required by
        the .Call interface to generate arbitrary objects.

    o   Problem that prevented package tcltk from working with Tcl/Tk
        8.4 (crash on initialization) resolved.  (Notice that binaries
        may still require an older Tcl/Tk, for example on Windows).

    o   type.convert() was not getting the levels right if passed a
        character vector containing <NA>s, and `na.strings' did not
        contain "NA".  This affected read.table().

    o   Internal match function did not check for nor handle 0-length
        vectors.  (The R function match() did.)  This could cause
        type.convert() to segfault.

    o   The line length limit in output text connections has been
        raised to 8095 chars.

    o   Sweave now uses anonymous file rather than text connections
        to avoid the limits of the latter (see previous item).

    o   parsing did not work on connections when pushback was used (as
        it had never been implemented).  (PR#2396)

    o   max.col() only found NAs in the first column (typo).

    o   Added a workaround for recent versions of glibc (e.g. RedHat 8.0)
        with inconsistent mktime/localtime functions which caused
        conversion to/from POSIXct times prior to 1970-01-01 to be
        inconsistent.  On such platforms this is a run-time test to
        allow e.g. R compiled on RH7.2 to run on RH8.0.

    o   Clipping was not being reset properly between plots on the gtk()
        device (the default under the GNOME interface). (PR#2366)

    o   axis(*, fg= cc) now works (again) the same as axis(*, col = cc).

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