New version of gregmisc package

Warnes, Gregory R gregory_r_warnes at
Mon Sep 23 20:35:28 CEST 2002

Version 0.6.0 of the gregmisc package has just been released on CRAN.   


Package: gregmisc
Description: Misc Functions written/maintained by Gregory R. Warnes
Title: Greg's Miscellaneous Functions
Version: 0.6.0
Date: 2002/09/23
Maintainer: Gregory R. Warnes <Gregory_R_Warnes at>
Author: Gregory R. Warnes.  Includes code provided by Ben Bolker,
        Bendix Carstensen, Don MacQueen, William Venables, and Marc
License: GPL (version 2 or later)


CrossTable              Cross Tabulation with Tests for Factor 
aggregate.table         Create 2-Way Table of Summary Statistics
bandplot                Plot x-y Points with Locally Smoothed Mean and
                        Standard Deviation
barplot2                Enhanced Bar Plots
boxplot.n               Produce a Boxplot Annotated with the Number of
ci                      Compute Confidence Intervals
combinations            Enumerate the Combinations or Permutations of
                        the Elements of a Vector
combine                 Combine R Objects With a Column Labeling the
contrast.lm             Compute (and test) arbitrary contrasts for
                        regression objects
estimable               Compute and test estimable linear functions of
                        the fitted coefficients (including contrasts)
                        of regression objects
factorial               Compute factorial function
glh.test                Test a General Linear Hypothesis for a
                        Regression Model 
hist2d                  Compute and Plot a 2-Dimensional Histogram 
interleave              Interleave Rows of Data Frames or Matrices 
lowess                  Scatter Plot Smoothing
nobs                    Compute the Number of Non-missing Observations 
plotCI                  Plot Error Bars
plotmeans               Plot Group Means and Confidence Intervals
quantcut                Create a Factor Variable Using the Quantiles of
                        a Continuous Variable
rename.vars             Rename variables in a dataframe 
reorder                 Reorder the Levels of a Factor
running                 Apply a Function Over Adjacent Subsets of a
space                   Space points in an x-y plot so they don't
undocumented            Undocumented functions
wapply                  Compute the Value of a Function Over a Local
                        Region Of An X-Y Plot

Changelog Since 0.5.5

- Added barplot2():  

    barplot2 is an enhanced version of barplot that can add confidence
    intervals for each bar, color plot region separately from the 
    background area, draw "height" axis grid lines *behind* the bars,
    and log-scale the data axis.  Contributed by Mark Schwartz

- Added CrossTable(): 

	CrossTable is an implementation of a cross-tabulation function
 	with output similar to S-Plus crosstabs() and SAS Proc Freq with
	Chi-square and Fisher tests of the independence of table factors

- Permit combinations() to be used when r>n provided   

- Renamed 'concat' function to 'combine' to avoid name conflict with
  an existing S-Plus function.

- Misc fixes to files for compatibility with R 1.6.0

- Correction of some documentation typos

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