R-1.3.0 for OS X (with X11/tcl/tk, and gnome support)

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Sat Jun 23 00:40:58 CEST 2001

At http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~deleeuw/R you can now find

R-1.3.0-OSX.tar.gz (it's about 22 MB)

This file has support for X11, tcl/tk, and gnome. It uses many
dynamic libs, which are NOT included. If you need one (because
R cannot find foo.dylib, just ask me, I'll send it, and you put it in 
the appropriate
place). You could also install Xfree/XDarwin, plus dlcompat,
plus all the gnome stuff from fink (fink.sourceforge.net) -- but
that will take some time. This version has been build with f2c,
not with the new f77.

You unzip and untar in /, everything is put in /usr/local (so
you probably must sudo).

The file also contains compiled versions of the following
packages (latest versions):

AnalyzeIO       acepack         curve           gee             
lokern          nlrq            regexp          strucchange
CoCoAn          akima           cxx             geoR            
lpridge         nls             repeated        survival
Devore5         ash             date            gld             
lqs             nnet            rmeta           syskern
GLMMGibbs       base            dse1            gnlm            
maptree         norm            rmutil          tcltk
GenKern         bindata         dse2            gregmisc        
maxstat         npConfRatio     rpart           tensor
GeneSOM         boot            dsepadi         grid            
mclust          odesolve        scatterplot3d   tframe
KernSmooth      bootstrap       e1071           growth          
mda             ordinal         sem             tree
MASS            bqtl            eda             gss             
mgcv            panel           sgeostat        tripack
Oarray          car             ellipse         hpower          
modreg          permax          sm              ts
PHYLOGR         cclust          ensemble        ineq            
monitor         pinktoe         sma             tseries
PTAk            cfa             event           juice           
muhaz           pls             sn              twostage
R.css           class           event.chart     lattice         
multidim        polymars        sna             wavethresh
R2HTML          cluster         exactRankTests  leaps           
multiv          polynom         spatial         xgobi
RMySQL          cmprsk          fdim            lgtdl           
mva             princurve       splancs         xtable
RandomFields    coda            foreign         lmtest          
mvtnorm         pspline         splines         zmatrix
Rstreams        cramer          fracdiff        locfit          
netCDF          quadprog        stable
SuppDists       ctest           gafit           logspline       
nlme            quantreg        stepfun

Jan de Leeuw; Professor and Chair, UCLA Department of Statistics;
US mail: 9432 Boulter Hall, Box 951554, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554
phone (310)-825-9550;  fax (310)-206-5658;  email: deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
homepage: http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~deleeuw
           No matter where you go, there you are. --- Buckaroo Banzai

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