R-1.2.2 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at pubhealth.ku.dk
Mon Feb 26 14:33:08 CET 2001

I've rolled up R-1.2.2.tgz a moment ago. This is mainly a release to
add Stefano's Macintosh sources, but there are also a couple of
bugfixes and minor tweaks.

You can get it from




or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

There's also a version split in three for floppies and a patch file
against 1.2.1.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here's the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o	The Macintosh port becomes a full member of the R family and its
	sources are incorporated as from this release.	
	See `src/macintosh/INSTALL' for how that port is built.

    o	The API header files and export files `R.exp' are released under
	LGPL rather than GPL to allow dynamically loaded code to be
	distributed under licences other than GPL.

    o	postscript() and xfig() devices now make use of genuine Adobe
	afm files, and warn if characters are used in string width or
	height calculations that are not in the afm files.

    o	Configure now uses a much expanded search list for finding a
	FORTRAN 77 compiler, and no longer disallows wrapper scripts for
	this compiler.

    o	New Rd markup \method{GENERIC}{CLASS} for indicating the usage
	of methods.

    o	print.ftable() and write.ftable() now have a `digits' argument.

    o	undoc() has a new `lib.loc' argument, and its first argument is
	now called `package'.


    o	The behaviour of polygon() with NA coordinate values is now

    o	polygon() now correctly recycles the values of border and lty.
	Thanks to Denis White.

    o	readBin() and writeBin() were not always making good use of
	long types (such as long double) when available.

    o	The C function fprec was not handling very small denormalized
	numbers correctly.  This affected the way they were printed on
	Windows, for example.

    o	legend() now draws points after lines allowing "empty dots on
	lines" thanks to Ben Bolker.

    o	Setting row/column names preserves the names of the dimnames

    o	Using help() after help.start() on Unix was failing to find
	the linked help files if more than one package was loaded (as
	now happens by default).

    o	scan now sets the maximal sizes internally when `what' is a list
	from `nmax' and failing that `nlines'.	This uses memory much
	more efficiently if `nmax' is specified.  read.table() makes use
	of this.

    o	The FORTRAN code used is now much closer to ANSI compliance.

    o	cov.rob() gives a useful error message on nearly-degenerate

    o	summary() on a data frame was computing results to a precision
	based on options("digits") (default 4), not its `digits'
	argument.  Now results are computed to full precision but 
	formatted using `digits'.

    o	summary(m, digits=*) also properly works for matrices.

    o	When returning parameters from .C/.Fortran, the OBJECT field was
	not copied even though class attributes were (PR#834).

    o	There was a spurious warning from the X11 driver on 100 dpi
	displays (PR#840, fix from Tom Vogels).

    o	scan() was reading all-blank numeric fields as zero. 
	Should be read as NA, and are now. 

    o	dnbinom(*, size, *) now works again for size < 1 (PR#842).

    o	dgeom(*, p = 0) and pgeom(*, p = 0) don't give NaN anymore.

    o	smooth.spline() allows zero weights again.

    o	aperm() fix for list arg; aperm(*, resize=FALSE) now works with
	dimnames (by dropping them).

    o	The xfig() driver was not closing unclosed polygons as the R
	driver expected (but did not document).

    o	spec.ar() now handles order 1 correctly.

    o	Add fuzz to prevent anomalies with hist().

    o	print.matrix() checks length of rowlab, collab (PR#850)

    o	add1.glm() was using the wrong weights for binomial glms in
	cbind(successes, failures) ~ lhs  form, since 1.2.0.

    o	Eliminate packing of the `structRstart' structure, which was
	probably non-ISO C and caused some compilers problems (PR#852).

    o	all.vars() no longer returns empty `names' (PR#829).

    o	dotplot() passes `cex' down to the mtext() calls used for the
	labels (PR#816).

    o	The pictex() driver was drawing polylines incorrectly (PR#845).

    o	In the event of a fatal X11 error (this can be generated under FVWM
	by selecting Destroy), the input handler would loop, leaving the
	"please save work and shut down R" advice useless. There should now
	be an opportunity for a relatively graceful exit.  

    o	polyroot() misbehaved if all coefficients except that of the highest
	degree term were zero (partial fix for PR#751)

    o	spline(method="natural") was extrapolating incorrectly (both
	to the left and to the right, for different reasons).  (PR#653)

    o	Line clipping was incorrect for log-plots. (PR#839)

    o	Add explicit test for rank-deficient residuals to summary.manova().

    o	The help search databases did not contain the data from the
	platform-specific help files.

    o	parse.dcf() and hence package.contents() now work with a warning
	for empty contents' files.

    o	which.min() and which.max() now properly work for 0-length and
	NA-only arguments.

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