R 1.2.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Jan 15 12:04:06 CET 2001

I've rolled up R-1.2.1.tgz a moment ago. This is mainly a bugfix
and minor tweaks release, although some new features (notably factor
analysis) has sneaked in.  

You can get it from




or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

There's also a version split in three for floppies and a patch file
against 1.2.0.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here's the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o	New functions factanal(), varimax(), promax() and examples in
	package mva.

    o	New functions readBin() and writeBin() to transfer binary data
	to and from connections.

    o	merge() is partially moved to C to reduce its memory usage.

    o	library(help = PKG) now displays the contents of the package's
	DESCRIPTION file in addition to its INDEX.

    o	Sd2Rd can handle S4-style documentation too: see `Writing R

    o	prompt() now also works with a character argument (useful for
	producing many *.Rd files in a loop).

    o	The Unix front-end shell script now ignores a value for R_HOME
	found in the environment.

    o	Connections functions such as file() now accept a description of
	length > 1, with a warning.

    o	All text-mode connections now accept input with LF, CR or CRLF
	line endings.  This means that readLines() can be used on DOS
	files and source() on Mac files, for example.

	Also, CRLF-terminated files can be used as stdin on Unix, and
	files with last lines without an EOL mark can be used as stdin
	and source()-ed on Unix and Windows.

    o	DESCRIPTION file has a new recommended `Maintainer:' field.

    o	stars() now uses a larger "cex" for the labels, and cex and lwd
	are now arguments. Further, the argument names (xlim, ylim,
	axes) are now consistent with other plot functions.  The key symbol
	is not clipped anymore into the plot region by default.

    o	Date-time quantities are now printed with the timezone, if known.

    o	R CMD build now ignores all files specified (via Perl regexps)
	in file `.Rbuildignore' in the top-level source	directory of a

    o	Horizontal boxplots are possible with  horizontal = TRUE.

    o	all.equal() on lists now compares them as generic vectors, that
	is they are equal if have identical names attributes and
	all components are equal.

    o	Invalid lines in .Renviron now give warnings when R is started.

    o	Argument `na.last' implemented for rank().


    o   There have been many small improvements/corrections in the
	documentation. In particular:

	The help pages for lm and glm now describe the fitted objects.

	is.vector() is now correctly documented: complex vectors and
	lists return TRUE.

    o   The default sortedXyData constructor in the nls package now
        handles missing values in the response.

    o	On startup, file .RData is now restored *after* the site and
	user profiles are loaded (if at all).  This is as previously

    o	as.POSIXlt (and *ct) operating on a character string
	only extracted the date (and not the time) in some cases.

    o	as.POSIXct() on character objects was ignoring `tz'.

    o	codoc(ignore.generic.functions = TRUE) works again.

    o	Explicitly close files opened by sink() for OSes (such as
	Windows) that benefit from it.

    o	Prevent closing the sink connection (which would be a silly
	thing to do).

    o	showConnections(all = TRUE) was sometimes counting connections
	incorrectly, and so not showing some closed ones.

    o	ts(1:10, start= c(1999,6), end = c(2000,3), frequency = 12)
	now prints both years (as it should).

    o	Monthly multivariate time series now print proper month names
	in all cases.

    o	print.stl(), print.princomp() and print.prcomp() now pass on
	`digits =' etc.

    o	prompt() now produces a \usage{} line for data frames and
	other datasets, as documented in `Writing R Extensions'.

    o	glm() now returns correct linear predictor and fitted values
	for zero-weight cases.

    o	scan(strip.white=TRUE) and readline() could give incorrect
	answers when an input field was empty or blank.

    o	dchisq() now behaves better for large values of its ncp parameter.

    o	besselJ(*, nu) is now ok for nu < 1; fix improves accuracy of
	other values by a few bits as well.

    o	The convergence criterion in the Fortran SVD code has been
	changed to circumvent spurious convergence errors when
	comparing extended-precision quantities on ix86 Linux (and
	some compilers and options).

    o	Rdindex now handles multi-line \title{}'s correctly.

    o	Add weights.glm() so that plot.lm() gets the correct weights from
	glm objects (the ones that go with deviance residuals not the
	working residuals).

    o	Printing a language object (e.g. a formula) in a list was
	clobbering the buffer holding the tag labels which then were
	lost in subsequent lines of printout (PR#746).

    o	aic in family() objects is now computed more precisely using
	dxxxx(log=TRUE).  For binomial fits the value was wrong for
	models specified via proportions and weights (PR#796).

	Avoid NaN values in aic where n = 0 occurs.

    o	Using non-integer numbers of successes in a binomial glm (as
	formerly in demo(lm.glm)) now gives a warning, as the theory and
	in particular the AIC value is not applicable.

    o	demo(is.things) works again {is.ALL() doesn't call methods

    o	persp(*, nticks = nn) now works (better) for too small nn.
	persp(*, main = t1, sub= t2) now work (as always documented).

    o	Printing of attributes of a list element no longer precedes
	`attr' by the tag (PR#715).

    o	It is no longer possible to use df[foo] to select non-existent
	columns in df and so create an invalid object of class
	"data.frame" (PR#698).

    o	edit.data.frame() was trying to set row.names on a list, which
	is no longer allowed.

    o	In the \link[pkg]{topic}, `pkg' was not being used if `topic'
	was found in a package in .lib.loc.  Now `pkg' is always used.

    o	plot() with small relative ranges gave an error, which e.g. broke
	library(ts); plot(stl(ts(rep(1:7, 15), freq = 7), s.win = "per"))

    o	Using scan() with a 0-length `what' argument now gives an error
	message rather than a segfault.

    o	Loading .Random.seed could extremely rarely and with some
	generators reject a value as NA_INTEGER when it was valid.

    o   save(..., ascii=TRUE) created broken files when saving strings
        containing special characters (ASCII code > 127).

    o	mean(c(1,NA,NA,NA)[-1], trim = .1, na.rm = TRUE) doesn't give an
	error anymore.

    o	As the supplied afm files are not properly in the ISOLatin1
	encoding, the font metric for "-" was wrong since 0.63 on a
	postscript/xfig device, and randomly wrong in 1.2.0.  It will
	now be correct (but the files remain incorrect: C45 is "minus"
	not "hyphen" and there are missing slots).

	Metrics for the duplicated characters (acute, dieresis,
	macron, space) in ISOLatin1 encoding are now correct for both
	occurrences: previously only one was present.

    o	The data-time functions try harder to guess the DST setting
	when the OS does not know, as some OSes were printing times
	in DST if this was marked as unknown.

    o	Setting par(pty=) after par(pin=) or par(plt=) was having no
	effect until the margins were set.

    o	Nested \describe sections in .Rd files have (again) nested
	indentation when converted to text.

    o	Concatenation of C strings by ## is no longer used, to avoid
	spurious warnings from some recent versions of gcc.

    o	dev.copy2eps() allows a `paper' argument to be passed to

    o	file.show() handles the case of zero files better.

    o	formula.lm uses object$formula if it exists, in preference 
	to object$terms.

    o	strsplit() is corrected for an empty split pattern.

    o	kronecker() now does a better job when creating dimnames.

    o	Better handling of input dimnames in fourfoldplot().

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