R 1.1.0 for Windows

Guido Masarotto guido at hal.stat.unipd.it
Sat Jun 17 20:39:07 CEST 2000

Windows binaries at CRAN (bin/windows/Windows-NT/base) have been updated 
to R-1.1.0.  See below for a list of Windows-specific changes.

We thanks all the people who checked over pre-test versions.

guido masarotto
(for the R-core team)

		Windows-specific changes to R

There is now a GUI preferences editor on the Edit menu in Rgui.

A data entry editor is now implemented.  This is similar to the Unix
one (see ?dataentry: that has itself been considerably enhanced in
parallel with the Windows version) with the additional features that
double-clicking in a cell turns it into an editable field (entered as
a new value by navigating away from the cell), and there is a
right-click popup menu.

Rterm will now load and save the commands history (as Rgui does).
There is a new item on the File menu in Rgui to save the commands
history at that point in a session, and a new function savehistory()
(only applicable in Rgui and Rterm).

Colours in Rconsole can be specified as "Windows" and will be taken 
from the current Windows colour scheme. (The preferences editor will
save the actual colour, though.)

The placement of multiple pagers is now `random' (so they will not
always appear in the exact centre of the screen) and under the MDI
interface the pager rows and columns settings are now used.

The postscript() device can now spool plots to a printer. You will
need a suitable program to send a file to the spooler (or even to send
it to ghostscript to interpret PostScript for the printer): the RedMon
suite available from http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/rjl.html and
GhostScript distribution sites should provide suitable tools.  See
?postscript for further details.

The new xfig() device can be used, and a port of xfig to Windows (with
an X server and the Cygwin B20.1 environment and X11R6.4 installed) is at
as  xfig-3.2.2-cygwin-b20.1-bin.tar.gz.

The R DLL and executables now contain standard Windows version
information, which will appear on a Version tab of the Properties
dialog box in Explorer.

The internal unzip and the installer now use unzip5.41, not unzip5.40, and
the DLL interface is incompatible.

There are changes in the tools needed to build R (see the file INSTALL)
and those recommended for building packages from source (see the file

New makefile target zipdata-% to zip up data directories in packages.

If there is a file `Makefile.win' in a package src directory this
will be used rather than MakePkgs (and the tcltk package provides
an example).

There is an example package `windlgs' in the package sources
distribution that shows how to use graphapp to build dialog boxes to
be called from menus, with a worked example of a t test done in three
ways.  More details of graphapp, including a tutorial and a reference
manual, are at http://www.cs.usyd.edu.au/~loki/GraphApp.

Optional support for the Tcl/Tk interface.  To use this you need to
install tcl831.exe from dev.scriptics.com, and you will need the Tcl
and Tk dlls in your path.  Also, you need to set the environment
variable TCL_LIBRARY, to something like c:/Program Files/Tcl/lib/tcl8.3.
The demos(tk*) will work on Windows.

The R mathematical functions can now be built as a DLL for use
with your own C programs.  See  src/nmath/standalone/README in the

Rdconv.bat no longer depends on having a Unix-compatible `cat' program
in your path.

A long-standing bug in the (vertical) alignment of symbols in plotmath
has been corrected.

Pagers should no longer flash when launched.

Launching a pager or data editor or graphics window now brings it
to the front, even from Rterm.exe. (Not for Tcl/Tk windows, unfortunately.)

Failure to load a DLL with dyn.load now gives extended error information.

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