R-1.0.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Apr 14 11:47:09 CEST 2000

I've rolled up R-1.0.1.tgz a moment ago. 

You can get it from




or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

There's also a version split in three for floppies and a patch file if
you prefer that.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here's the relevant bit of the NEWS file (in fact, the entire thing
since we have now moved the pre-1.0.0 news to ONEWS):



    o	pgamma(Inf, 1, Inf) gives NaN instead of an infinite loop, PR#462.

    o	Inline xaxt and yaxt parameters were ignored.

    o	Setting the normal RNG was not always recorded in .Random.seed.

    o	\link[pkg]{foo} links were wrongly translated to HTML.

    o	Direct use of show.data() with no args was incorrect.

    o	print.coefmat does sensible things if options
	show.signif.stars and show.coef.Pvalues are not set correctly.

    o	x <- list(a=1, b=2) ; x["c"] <- 3 now (again) stretches the list
	rather than give a "subscript out of bounds" error.

    o	Models with response appearing on rhs could cause segfault.

    o	as.data.frame.matrix will now ensure the columns added have
	non-empty names.

    o	Some (strange?) model formulas could cause memory corruption
	(thanks to John Fox for digging this up).

    o	Matrix multiplication in cases such as 1:3 %*% t(1:2) is accepted.

    o	Options --nsize and --vsize to R CMD check gave warning
	messages and only one was accepted.

    o	The autoload()s during startup are "wrapped" such
	that conflicting objects don't break startup.

    o	cor.test(*, meth="spear") {pkg ctest} now works (again) for n <= 6

    o	scale = 0 in biplot.princomp() now works.

    o	The scores given by princomp(, cor = TRUE) and the rotated
	values given by prcomp(, scale = TRUE) are now computed from the
	scaled data.

    o	barplot now works okay when length(col) < length(legend.txt),
	thanks to Ben Bolker, PR#494.

    o	kernel("dirichlet", m=10, r=1) in package ts now works.

    o	save/restore of	 environments containing "..." object should
	work now.

    o	qhyper should work better for large N.

    o	qbinom(1-1e-16, n, p) , qpois() and qnbinom(*) looped for ever.

    o	as.matrix.data.frame no longer escapes quotes in character

    o	R would try to save the readline history at the end of
	non-interactive sessions, causing crashes on some systems.

    o	Subtle roundoff problems caused arrays to be allocated short in
	loess.c in some cases, leading to segfaults.

    o	Document that postscript(file="") sends the output directly to
	the default printer.

    o	ts.union(, dframe=TRUE) had a long-standing typo, now works.

    o	save(, ascii=TRUE) had problem with octal escapes in strings
	when there was a digit following, should work now.

    o	matpoints() and matlines() now also have a "type =" argument
	with defaults "p" and "l", respectively; PR#506.

    o	The new Perl 5.6 broke our version-detection mechanism. A
	better one has been inserted.

    o	X11(colortype="gray") failed to work on 8-bit screens, and
	more generally when colour allocation failed X11() did not
	revert to monochrome correctly (and did not say it was doing so).

	It was not documented in the help that to change the X11
	colortype one needs to close all open X11 devices.

    o	loessf.f in modreg defined DSIGN unecessarily and this caused
	a conflict on AIX.

    o	plot.lm will now work with rlm objects.

    o	start and end behave better when the frequency is not an integer.

    o	aggregate.ts is closer to S-PLUS's aggregate.rts.

    o	quantile(x) now works when x contains several +/- Inf's.

    o   guard against segfault in dataentry(0,0) (or, more
        realistically, when mistyping data.entry(x,y) as

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