R-0.90.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Dec 15 14:19:40 CET 1999

I've rolled up R-0.90.1.tgz a moment ago. 

You can get it from




or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

There's also a version split in two for floppies and a patch file if
you prefer that.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here's the relevant bit of the NEWS file:

                CHANGES IN R VERSION 0.90.1


    o   rect(.) has `lwd' argument.

    o   legend() has a `adj' argument and has been streamlined (and fixed up).

    o   `unname' convenience function [experimental data.frame behavior].

    o   `examples' sections have been added to the documentation
        for most of the data sets in the base library.

    o   update.packages & friends have new argument contriburl for
        incomplete CRAN mirrors. Package bundles such as VR can be
        directly installed both from the shell and from inside R.

    o   RLIBS is no longer accepted as well as R_LIBS (which has been
        the documented form since 0.65.0).

    o   demo(nlm) has examples of using analytical gradients and

    o   .Platform$OS.type is standardized to be `unix', `mac' or `windows'

    o   setting cex in matplot(matrix(1:25,5), cex=1:5) now works

    o   ar.ols() has separate demean and intercept arguments, uses
        internal scaling for greater accuracy.

    o   xxxPR functions allow NCHAR=-1 for S compatibility.

    o   `Rcomplex' is preferred to `complex' (a future reserved word
        in C) for R complex objects passed to C.

    o   new function dir.create() for platform-independence.

    o   help.search() creates a database for faster searching later in
        the R session.

    o   density() allows for more kernels and has a new argument
        `give.Rkern' to access the relevant kernel property.

    o   multivariate methods for ar: "yule-walker" (now in C) and
        "burg" (new) contributed by Martyn Plummer.

    o   New data sets `HairEyeColor' (hair and eye color of statistics
        students), `Titanic' (survival of passengers on the Titanic),
        and `UCBAdmissions' (student admissions at UC Berkeley).


    o   Many help pages have been revised and enhanced.

    o   predict.glm() works again with type="link".

    o   subscripting arrays and matrices no longer loses the names of
        the dimnames vector.  Transpose also preserves the names.

    o   examples in help files containing \testonly are no longer
        (partially) duplicated.

    o   is.numeric() of a factor is now FALSE

    o   prevent a segfault in plotmath

    o   f <- get("function"); f(,); f(F,F)  now "ok" (PR#361).

    o   blank-line reject code in parse.dcf was wrong (Martyn Plummer)

    o   made filled.contour independent of pointsize. Make plot key
        wider so there's room for a title. Touchup example.

    o   font size fixups for the X11 driver (mainly)

    o   some.list[[NA]] is NULL, following S, rather than giving spurious
        error messages

    o   segfault when running out of heap

    o   segfault in rbind of a vector without names fixed. cbind, too.

    o   fixed symbol size problems with PostScript driver

    o   unique() & duplicated() only work for atomic vectors;
        unique(data.frame(""[F])) doesn't segfault anymore.

    o   get("attr<-")(""[0],""[0]) doesn't segfault anymore.

    o   blunder in do_memoryprofile, causing segfault on Alpha machines

    o   erroneous error message in coerceToSymbol

    o   partial workaround for workspace restore problems. This can
        happen if an environment on the search path is assigned to a
        variable which gets saved. The error "unresolved node during
        restore" is turned into a warning, allowing the rest of the
        workspace to be restored, but the variable contains an empty
        environment on reload.

    o   density(x) now works also when IQR(x) == 0.
        density(x, window=...) now works [S compatibility].

    o   prevent points from being plotted if pch, cex, or col are NA.
        Does not apply to bg on pch 21--25 (where NA means
        "transparent") because it would require fixes at the driver

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