R 0.90.0 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Nov 22 14:47:15 CET 1999

I've rolled up R-0.90.0.tgz a moment ago. The jump in version number
indicates that we are approaching version 1.0, more than a "quantum
leap" in functionality.

You can get it from (notice that we have changed servers in Wisconsin
with much better availability and new names)




or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

There's also a version split in two for floppies if you prefer that.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:

        *                                                *
        *              0.90 SERIES NEWS                  *
        *                                                *


    o   packages splines (for regression smoothing splines or
        interpolating splines) and nls (nonlinear least squares) are
        part of the base distribution.

    o   New error handling using
        options ( error = expression(..) ,  warning.expr = ... ).
        REPLACING version 0.65.1's  options(error.halt = T/F)

    o   collected warnings before an error are no longer lost but
        are printed after the error message (unless the error makes
        this impossible).

    o   A couple of substantial graphics changes, esp. in the X11
        driver. The scaling of symbols is now linear in cex=, rather
        than being tied to the available font's size. The fonts on an
        X11 device also scale linearly with cex= insofar as your X
        server can do it. On systems with the scalable type 1
        PostScript fonts installed, this looks particularly nice. Note
        that the scaling is linear in the *diameter*, but quadratic in
        area. The distance between lines of margin text in the X11
        device is now proportional to the size given to

    o   abline(a,b) now (again) refers to transformed coordinates on
        plots with log-axes, so that abline(lm(log10(y)~log10(x)))
        (say) draws a best-fitting line on a log-log plot. The earlier
        convention (to draw a curve representing a line in original
        coordinates) is available using a new untf= argument.

    o   barplot.default() has new `axisnames' (and `sub') arguments, easily
        allowing suppression of bar labeling.

    o   cbind() and rbind() now actually do what deparse.level=1 implies:
        add column/row names based on the deparsed argument, provided it
        is a simple symbol. The behaviour is still hardcoded, though.

    o   gc() now reports the total sizes in Mb as well as numbers.

    o   New function help.search() for searching the names, titles,
        aliases, or keywords in the help system.

    o   image() allows x and y to specify either the boundaries or the
        midpoints of the cells. If the latter, the whole cells are
        drawn, rather than the outer cells being half-sized as previously.

    o   NULL extra arguments to model.frame() are now treated as missing
        (instead of an error).

    o   optimization with nlm() can use analytic gradients and Hessians
        if they are supplied.

    o   on.exit() allows add=TRUE.

    o   function parse.dcf() for parsing files in debian control file format

    o   predict.{g}lm has a type="terms" option, and residual.glm has
        type="partial" as a step towards plot.gam().

    o   New arguments to q() and quit() allow the exit status to be set
        and the execution of .Last() to be skipped.

    o   New function regexpr(), similar to grep but returns the position
        of the match in each string. (For S-PLUS compatibility.)

    o   scan() now supports complex numbers.

    o   New function sort.list, for S compatibility. (This has argument
        partial, but always sorts completely.)

    o   storage.mode<- can be used to set "single", and if setting
        anything other than "single" it removes the "Csingle" attribute.

    o   new function sunflowerplot().

    o   New function undoc() for listing undocumented objects.

    o   User's .Rprofile now executes in global environment

    o   All HTML pages now use the new style sheet doc/html/R.css

    o   html and text files have now a header line giving the name of
        the help file and the package. The description section now
        comes first.

    o   All the standard packages have DESCRIPTION files with
        "Priority: base", so installed.packages and
        package.description will work with them.

    o   The R-external manual which describes programming for the
        .Call and .External interfaces is in the doc/manual directory.

    o   New target `make pdf' in doc/manuals makes hyperlinked PDF 
        documentation. (This is experimental for this release. See
        doc/manual/README for further details.)

    o   S.h now contains (via Rdefines.h) a MESSAGE macro, and
        Free NULLs the pointer, for compatibility with S3 (but not S4).

    o   New subroutine REALPR callable from Fortran (like DBLEPR but
        for real arguments): useful if as.single is in use.

    o   The cex= argument to plot() etc. can be a vector, like pch=.

    o   lty=0 now (again) makes lines invisible. Looks better for
        barplot label axis.

    o   zero.R tries to find the zero DLL in a system-independent way.


    o   apply should now work for all un-dimnamed arrays (PR#318).

    o   ar(..., demean=F) works more consistently across methods.

    o   barplot() had lower limits set at -0.01, causing trouble with
        small heights. Switch to relative scale. (Thanks to Matt Wiener)

    o   density() should work better with NAs and infinite values. See
        ?density for the current definitions of how these are handled.

    o   diag(x) now works (as pre 0.65.1) for 1-d arrays.

    o   Stored-source was dropped by dump().

    o   expand.grid returns a data frame even for one arg.

    o   expand.grid(x) now also works for vector arguments x.

    o   factor(list()) or factor(character(0)) *is* now a factor
        with valid levels(.);
        ordered does NOT allow an `ordered' argument anymore
        and is now defined as trivial call to factor.

    o   help page for gc gives correct size of cons cells (20 bytes
        for 32-bit systems, 36 or more for 64-bit systems).

    o   gcinfo reports correct percentages of heap even for vsize > 200M.

    o   gl(6,3,12) and gl(6,3,2) now both work.

    o   Empty lists now deparse correctly.

    o   na.omit.ts and na.contiguous preserve classes.

    o   plot.factor {plot(<factor>)} now obeys axes=FALSE and xaxt="n".

    o   read.table(as.is = TRUE) would leave everything as character.
        Now it correctly tries to convert to numeric.

    o   require() now has the warn.conflicts argument of library().

    o   Fix problems in scan(flush = TRUE).

    o   scan() got confused by trailing whitespace.

    o   split(x,f) now works even when f is a factor with unused levels

    o   mosaicplot() has a formula interface and
        NULL instead of NA default args.

    o   stars() has "NULL" instead of "NA" defaults.

    o   str() is quite a bit nicer with factors.

    o   ts.union, cbind.ts, arithmetic on ts objects now allow
        non-integer frequencies.

    o   Switch to <tt> in HTML pages since Linux Netscape mangles

    o   When documentation is "compiled" (build-help), you now get warnings
        for multiple (conflicting) \alias{.} or \name{.}s.

    o   making the reference manual with `make dvi' copes better with
        isolatin1 characters (but not perfectly as these are not in
        standard TeX fonts).

    o   Rd.sty now uses standard LaTeX constructs like \bm for bold
        math and \url for URLs.

    o   Protect R_fopen against NULL filename in Unix.

    o   Math text in outer margins didn't work.

    o   Text clipping now works in the X11 device.

    o   Pixel rows sometimes got doubled in rotated text on the X11 device.

    o   par("yaxt") is now ok.

    o   Problems with realloc on some systems in AllocBuffer.

    o   Problem with formatReal on non-IEEE systems.

    o   demos/dynload/Makefile used macros that gave incorrect build
        on some non-GNU makes.

    o   Windows version copes better with paths with spaces in.

    o   R CMD check had a typo which made the final message fail.

    o   R_EOF redefined as -1, was causing trouble with isxxxx contructions.

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