R-0.65.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Oct 6 15:19:29 CEST 1999

I've rolled up R-0.65.1.tgz a moment ago.

As usual, you shouldn't get it from Auckland, but wait for it to be
mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

For those who are too curious to wait, I'll put a copy in


There's also a version split in two for floppies and a patch file if
you prefer that. (If you use the patch file, you will miss a logo.bmp
file in the gnuwin32 directory, but that is probably immaterial to
most of you).

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o	.C, .Fortran. .Call and .External now have an argument PACKAGE
	to specify the shared library to be used for the symbol. See
	?Foreign. Package writers are encouraged to use this.

    o	On startup (unless --no-environ), first .Renviron is looked for in
	the current directory, and then in $HOME/ (= ~/ ).

    o	New options(error.halt = FALSE) (default is TRUE) allows
	continuation after an error in batch processing.

    o	In graphics, lty has now 6 instead of 4 predefined line types.

    o	as.hclust.twins() in package mva to convert (and plot)
	objects from agnes() and daisy() of package cluster.

    o	R INSTALL now can directly install pkg_version.tar.gz files
	as obtained from CRAN. New function update.packages()
	& friends for automatically downloading packages from CRAN and
	install them on the fly (on Unix and Windows).

    o	New function commandArgs() to record the command-line used.

    o	New arguments `local' and `now' to dyn.load.

    o	diag(x) now keeps names when appropriate and barfs when x is an array.

    o	functions source.url, url.show, read.table.url, scan.url to read
	from an http server instead of a file.

    o	grid() gets useful defaults: grid lines drawn at tick marks.

    o	set operations union(), intersect(), setdiff() and is.element().

    o	New function stars() for star plots and segment diagrams of
	multivariate data.

    o	Version info now in the top-level file `VERSION'.

    o	barplot has a "plot = TRUE" argument and now returns locations of
	all bars even when "beside = TRUE".

    o	hist has an "nclass" argument purely for S compatibility.

    o	Character strings can now, with most compilers, be passed
	on and from Fortran. See ?Foreign for details.

    o	Functions as.single and single now have the effect with
	.C and .Fortran of passing a numeric argument as float/REAL
	rather than as double/DOUBLE PRECISION, by setting the
	attribute "Csingle". See ?Foreign for details.

    o	Comparison of strings uses the current locale on systems where
	this is available, and so is always consistent with the ordering
	used by sort().

    o	sapply  has a new argument USE.NAMES=TRUE  and now returns a named
        result when its input was a character.

    o	plot.stepfun  has new arguments  lty and lwd.

    o   x labels in boxplot now handled differently, so that math
    	expressions are allowed.

    o	postscript() argument `onefile' now does something, and there
	is a new paper type `special' and new argument `pagecentre'.
	See ?postscript for details.

    o	Experimental function dev2bitmap() to copy to a bitmap graphics format.


    o	centering in text() will be more accurate, particularly on devices
	with full font metric information (postscript, x11, not windows).

    o	arguments after --no-readline in the Unix version were ignored.

    o	couldn't set attributes in hashed environments.

    o	[<-.data.frame mishandled dfr[1] <- 1 (forgotten drop=FALSE)

    o	sys.on.exit didn't work

    o	sys.parent didn't quite work either for n >= 2.

    o	par("mfg") was wrong, par(mfg=) switched to down columns. Now
	par(mfrow/mfcol = c(nr, nc)) followed by par(mfg=c(i,j)) is
	the preferred style.

    o	plot( <aov.object> ) failed after 2nd plot, PR#279

    o	Several patches for systems with long != int.

    o	approx failed if inputs contained NAs.

    o	weighted lm fits with 1 diml x failed if any weight was zero.

    o	lm.influence failed when there were undetermined coefficients, PR#280.

    o	problem with function()... inside saved functions because arg count
	increased to accommodate stored source. (Incorrect number of
	arguments to "lambda")

    o	improvements to generation of HTML help files: should work
	better on viewers other than Netscape.

    o	stl in package ts could conflict with package leaps: the Fortran
	symbols have been changed.

    o	help page for factor is improved and corrected.

    o	na.omit.ts and na.contiguous now preserve time-series attributes.

    o	more automatic testing ("make check") using options(error.halt=FALSE)
	led to the elimination of dozens (!) of seg.fault possibilities.

    o	family quasi handles zero observations with var=mu^2 more correctly.

    o	dynamically-loaded libraries are searched last-loaded first, as
	documented (under Unix it used to be first-loaded first).

    o	rowsum failed with a matrix and a single group (drop=FALSE needed).

    o	deriv(y ~ <expr>(x)) now works as well as  deriv(~ <expr>(x)).

    o	qr over-estimated ranks in some degenerate cases.
	qr did not work correctly if n < p and the first n cols were

    o	str() wouldn't work quite right for named characters;  doesn't quote
	symbols anymore.

    o	Colour conversion (rgb, gray, hsv) truncated doubles and so
	gave machine-dependent results on the examples. It now rounds.

    o	cat() now admits again that it can't handle lists instead of
	"random" segfaulting.

    o	More accurate rounding (including rounding to even) on platforms
	without rint (e.g. Windows).

    o	qgeom() is now left-continuous with a tolerance, and so the
	example on the help page will be platform-independent.

    o	pretty() has been changed to use tolerance around integers and
	so will be more platform-independent. The exact output has
	probably changed on all platforms for some input.

    o	image() & filled.contour() now work for 1x1 matrices
	and with constant z values.

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