R-0.65.0 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Aug 27 15:06:46 CEST 1999

I've rolled up R-0.65.0.tgz a moment ago.

You shouldn't get it from Auckland, but wait for it to be mirrored at
a CRAN site near you within a day or two. With the current transfer
speed from Auckland, you probably don't need a deterrent anyway...

For those who are too curious to wait, I'll put a copy in


There's also a version split in two for floppies if you prefer that.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

The relevant part of the NEWS file follows below. In addition, GNOME
support, although still experimental, has been considerably improved.
You'll need a substantial amount of support libraries, see the INSTALL
file for details.


    o	A first step in improving performance has been made.
	Attached objects, libraries etc are now hashed; performance
	gains will be particularly apparent if large packages are in use.

    o	First version of package ts for time-series analysis.
	This has fairly complete S-PLUS compatibility, but more features
	are planned. See library(help=ts) for details.

    o	warnings can be collected (options(warn=0), the default), printed
	immediately (options(warn=1)) or turned into errors (options(warn=2)).
	As a consequence, all warnings and errors now are printed followed
	by a newline, if one is not supplied. (This should improve the
	S compatibility of the use of PROBLEM ... in compiled code.)

    o	All R environment variables are now of the form `R_xxx'.  In
	particular, `RHOME', `RLIBS' and `RPROFILE' are now called
	`R_HOME', `R_LIBS', and `R_PROFILE'.

    o	The handling of q()/quit()/EOF has been changed, with a new option
	"default".  In interactive use this asks unless --save or --no-save
	has been specified: if these are specified they set the default.

    o	Limited capability for tilde expansion of file names even without
	readline (on Unix, and on Windows).

    o	New environment variables `R_HISTFILE' and `R_HISTSIZE' for the
	name and size of the history file.

    o	Attempting to restore (at startup) too large a .RData is now
	a fatal error.

    o	The loading of shared library on Unix now uses RTLD_NOW not
	RTLD_LAZY.  This means that all symbols must be resolvable
	when the library is loaded, and R will not terminate later
	when a missing symbol is called.  Code which had missing symbols
	(including some packages) will need to be re-compiled.

    o	New generic function all.equal();
	most useful for numerical comparisons `up to rounding errors'.

    o	New function boxplot.formula() as a formula interface to boxplots.

    o	New functions getwd() and setwd() for getting and setting the R
	working directory, basename() and dirname() for manipulating paths.

    o	Function locator(, type=) is implemented to plot points or
	draw lines interactively.

    o	Functions new.env() to create empty environment and local() to
	allow local evaluation of expressions, with various useful
	idiomatic uses.

    o	Convenience functions parent.frame() and eval.parent().

    o	A new scheme for keeping source code with user-defined
	functions has been implemented. In particular, comments
	will no longer move about or disappear. The flip side of the
	coin is that you can no longer rely on R to indent your
	code for you. The stored-source facility can be turned
	off with options(keep.source=FALSE), and for an individual
	function by deleting the "source" attribute.

	If the source attribute is absent, the function will be
	deparsed for editing or printing, but any comments will be

    o	expressions have gained semantics that are closer to
	those of S. They don't get evaluated except when explicitly
	specified. Example:

	e <- expression(x); e[[1]] <- expression(123); eval(e)

	now gives expression(123), not 123. This fixes some problems
	with expressions in the list argument to do.call().

    o	contrast() no longer drops colnames for 1DF contrasts.
	Consequentially, the labels of regression coefficients for binary
	factors contain level names (again ...).

    o	na.omit() and na.fail() are now generic.

    o	plot.lm() has more options and now does 4 plots by default, should
	also be okay for "glm" object; all thanks to John Maindonald.

    o	If the dimnames of a table are themselves named, then their names
	are used to label the respective dimensions in tabular output.

    o	chisq.test() now optionally computes the p-value by Monte Carlo
	simulation (in the standard case of a 2-d contigency table).

    o	source() has a new argument `chdir' for changing the working
	directory to that of the file being sourced when evaluating.

    o	If data() loads an R source file, it now changes the working
	directory (to that containing the file) when evaluating.

    o	Interpret strings NaN and Inf in character to numeric conversions
	(and thereby in read.table)

    o	The presence of an object `.conflicts.OK' in a package suppresses
	conflict checking in library() for that package.

    o	uniroot() can now be used recursively.

    o	hdf5{read|write} now allow more kinds of attributes and add support
	for HDF5 version 1.2 (or newer)	thanks to Marcus G. Daniels.
	Configure checks for HDF5 1.2 availability, older versions will 
	no longer work. 


    o	x ^ y  gives proper results when x or y are infinite.

    o	The semantics of <<- have been corrected.  The search for
	a variable binding to modify now begins one level "up" from
	the current one.   Thus S and R semantics in "non-closure"
	functions will be identical.

    o	.Last() is called when terminating with q() (not just with EOF).

    o	abline() now understands the "lwd" graphics parameter if it
	is supplied as an inline argument.

    o	axis() now sorts `labels' when it sorts `at'.

    o	Some small changes have made in the axis drawing code to
	ensure that tick-mark label alignment is correct for
	non-default values of the "las" parameter.

    o	Improved error message from check.options().

    o	cm.colors(n) now doesn't append silly "v=1"; works for n=0, n=1.

    o	cooks.distance() now also works for "glm" objects;
	deviance.lm() now ok for the case of weights.

    o	date() doesn't return a final "\n" (again ...).

    o	diag() and diag<- now handle correctly matrices with zero rows or cols.

    o	help([<-.factor) (etc) work again.

    o	is.recursive(list(.)) is now TRUE [PR#221].

    o	log(0) gives -Inf on all architectures.

    o	When persp() was the first graphics command given to R it gave
	the error "plot.new() has not been called yet".  This no
	longer happens.

    o	pgamma() gave 0 or 1 for extreme arguments too soon.

    o	plot(<function>, log="x") doesn't give a silly warning any more.

    o	The internals of postscript() have been changed so that line
	textures (dotted dashed etc) look better.  The use of the
	PostScript "initclip" operator has been removed so that we
	can(?) really claim eps compliance.

    o	revsort() misbehaved if n<=1, causing sample(1,1,,1) to

    o	seq(along = v) { and seq(v) when length(v) > 1 } now returns
	a result of mode "integer".

    o	split.default() now uses subscripting for x with a non-null
	class, this preserves, e.g., the class of factors

    o	substr/substring(), deparse(), dput(), dump(), print()
	will work for arbitrarily long strings.

    o	which(x) failed when x had names and contained NAs.

    o	Default editor files (e.g. from fix()) are now removed at termination.

    o	Typos in NegBinomial.Rd (Negative Binomial distrib), thanks to Ch. Gu.

    o	a clipping problem for plots when there non-zero outer margins
	has been fixed.	 This problem used to affect coplot() and pairs().

    o   get("zzz", mode="xxx") missed promise objects.

    o   match.fun failed when a data frame was attached containing a 
	"length" variable (e.g.)

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