R-0.64.2 is released (well, mostly)

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Jul 2 16:25:08 CEST 1999

I've rolled up R-0.64.2.tgz a moment ago.

However, due to a configuration error with the new machine at
Auckland, it is not up for FTP from there just yet. In any case, you
shouldn't get it from Auckland, but wait for it to be mirrored at a
CRAN site near you within a day or two.

For those who are too curious to wait, I've put a copy in


There's also a version split in two for floppies and a patch file if
you prefer that.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o	new target for R installation testing :	 make strict-tests.

    o	symnum(x) now nicely codes logical x.

    o	convolve() has a new type = c("circular", "open", "filter")
	argument allowing more than the only circular convolution.

    o	par(xpd) now has three settings:  FALSE (clip to plot region),
	TRUE (clip to figure region), or NA (clip to device region).

    o	zapsmall(x) works for complex x.

    o	new global variable R.version.string (for plots & reports).
	Deprecated version & Version for new  R.version & R.Version.

    o	R CMD Rd2dvi  has builtin "Usage" help and works for multiple files.
	Useful for automatic reference manual of a package.
	(doc/manual/lib2tex is more efficient for installed packages, however).


    o	power() is now fully implemented and documented.

    o   A couple of problems with group generic operations.

    o   A bug which meant that it was not possible to add elements
        to zero length lists in the obvious way has been fixed.
                x <- list(); x[[1]] <- 10
                x <- list(); x[["a"]] <- 11
        both now work.

    o	save.image() ignored dot-names. (esp. .First())

    o   lab= argument to plot() misinterpreted by axis() via ... passing

    o	NULL labels in text() caused segfault

    o   matrix(f,...) with f a factor now coerces to character

    o   documentation errors for substitute and is.vector, minor fixups for
        trig and nlm 

    o	Background colours are set properly on X11 devices with 
	colortype="pseudo": sometimes they were not allocated separately.

    o	C() works (again?) for a single argument.

    o	is.na() didn't work properly for "list" arguments.

    o	symnum() sometimes failed with arrays of rank >= 3.

    o	in some cases one could get nonblack color instead of
	black on 2nd x11() window.

    o	influence.measures(.) $ is.influential was wrong on the 

    o	printing of complex NaN/Inf was wrong as well.

    o	printing of complex named vectors had a wrong initial space.

    o	allow trailing space in character->numeric coercion

    o	library() gave wrong "masked" warnings in some cases.

    o	par(xpd) semantics were not compatible with S.

    o	rect() output was not clipped in PostScript.

    o	par(pin=c(width, height)) was behaving as par(pin=c(width, width)).

    o	Non-blank separated data files didn't have their 1st field
	handled properly.

    o	"aux" directory moved to "tools" to avoid difficulties on

    o	structure() clobbered factors with missing levels.

    o	pmatch() misbehaved on duplicate matches.

    o	R CMD Rd2dvi <file.Rd> works again.

    o	logical binops tried to set time series parameters before dimensions.

    o	upped the BUFSIZE in model.c (NOT proper long-term solution).

    o	dput(), dump() and deparse()  now always use DBL_DIG (=15) digits
	for numeric formatting.

    o	chull() now works for vertical borders, such as in chull(c(1,1,2),3:1).

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