R-0.64.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri May 7 17:08:49 CEST 1999

I've put up R-0.64.1.tgz up for FTP from Auckland some a moment ago.
As usual, don't get it from there unless you are desperate, but wait
for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

For those who *are* desperate, I'll put a copy in


There's also a version split in two for floppies and a patch file if
you prefer that. (The patch file misses out on some binary files that
have been added since 0.64.0, but you only need them for compiling the
Windows version).

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:

                CHANGES IN R VERSION 0.64.1


    o   barplot() and boxplot() are now generic

    o   relevel function to reorder levels in factors.

    o   contr.treatment now has a base= argument for selecting the
        baseline group.

    o   New command line option `--no-environ' (under Unix) to prevent
        sourcing the `~/.Renviron' file.  Implied by `--vanilla'.

    o   Packages can now have a configure script.  If a file `configure'
        is found it is executed before anything else is done by R

    o   If HTML help files are asked for but not available, text help 
        is used. 

    o   HTML help file conversion reports unsatisified \link{..}s. 

    o   `vsize' and `nsize' can be set by the environment variables
        R_VSIZE and R_NSIZE respectively, perhaps most conveniently from
        `~/.Renviron' under Unix or Windows.  Command-line settings will
        take precedence.

        The defaults have been increased to 6M and 250k.

    o   zip files can be used for storing help and example files. See
        the help files for "help" and "example" for details.

    o   New submission method "none" (for not sending email) in

    o   `R CMD check' can now also be used for installed packages without
        the corresponding sources.

    o   The sources for the Windows port are included in src/gnuwin32.
        See src/gnuwin32/readme.


    o   deparser left off empty parentheses on e.g. (function(x) x)()

    o   cat() now works on "name" objects

    o   forgot to set jump buffer in return context in one case

    o   parser dropped off tagged missing args on function calls ( f(a=) )

    o   relops tried to set time series parameters before dimensions

    o   arithmetic tried to set time series parameters before dimensions

    o   mvfft fixes (from Martyn Plummer) - not working with vectors and
        segfault problem.

    o   Rephrased error message on invalid assignment target.

    o   ifelse() now evaluates yes/no only if needed

    o   PROTECT'ed some memory in NewExtractNames that was getting overwritten
        during garbage collection.

    o   Crossing factors (`:') works again.

    o   terms.formula used to choke on terms more than 60 characters long

    o   is.nan() should now work correctly on new/old-style lists.

    o   x[[i]] did not work correctly for negative subscripts i.

    o   as.list() didn't work for expressions

    o   x[[i]] <- quote(a) (x generic vector) didn't work

    o   for method functions: many argument name changes, add ... where
        needed, for consistency with the generic function.

    o   example() will allow (again) aliased topic names. 

    o   HTML help file conversions will find hyperlinks in the main 
        library as well as the current library. Links containing `<'
        or `>' now work properly.

    o   Rdconv conversion of \section{}{}s to Sd corrected.

    o   ppois rounded non-integer `q', should truncate.

    o   pnbinom was wrong for non-integer `q'.

    o   dbinom, dgeom, dnbinom, dpois give 0 with a warning for
        non-integer arguments.

    o   load / save / data allow unlimited string sizes.

    o   strsplit() allows unlimited string size.

    o   eigen() now should work (again) in all cases.

    o   is.nan() fixed to work (again) in architectures with 
        "unspecified" internal isnan().

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