R-0.64.0 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Apr 7 17:25:26 CEST 1999

I've put up R-0.64.0.tgz up for FTP from Auckland a little while ago.
As usual, don't get it from there unless you are desperate, but wait
for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

For those who *are* desperate, I've left a copy in
(Be gentle, that's my desktop PC!)

There's also a version split in two for floppies if you prefer that.

We haven't been very active removing minor bugs this time, but there
are a couple of new features that we wanted to get out in the open.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o   Files BUGS and FAQ are now included with distribution and
	various "front matter" files have been cleaned up.

    o	readline has now an argument  prompt = ""

    o	coplot() now labels levels when conditioning variable is factor
	(John Maindonald).

    o	A new function filled.contour() has been added.	 It produces
	a variant of contour plots where the area between contours
	is filled with a solid colour.	The function (currently)
	uses the layout() function and so is restricted to a full
	page display.

    o	The function terrain.colors() has been modified to remove a
	visual discontinuity (at yellow).  In addition, a function
	cm.colors() which implements a Cleveland-style cyan-magenta
	palette has been added.

    o	Primitive function .External() to call dynamically loaded
	`internal'-style functions (code from Jean Meloche).

    o	Function page() to view an R object in a pager.

    o	Support for handling embedded '\n's in text strings
	handed to low-level graphics functions has been added.
	Some changes to the PostScript graphics driver were
	needed to support this, so there may some minor change
	in the appearance of plots produced in PostScript.

    o	The LaTeX documentation is now split into 2 parts: the (currently
	almost non-existent) manual and a reference index.
	Manual: new section on loading C++ code.

    o	[EXPERIMENTAL] Gnome support added. Use ./configure --with-gnome
	to try it, but don't expect too much yet.

    o   HDF5 support improved. Still not perfect, though.

    o	The X11 graphics driver can now use a variety of strategies
	for handing color.  This means that it is now possible to
	use black and white or grayscale graphics on color displays.
	There are two strategies for handing color on pseudocolor
	displays.  The original "allocate-colors-until-they-run-out"
	strategy has been supplemented by one which allocates a
	color cube at startup and approximates requested colors
	by those in the cube.  On truecolor displays, there is no
	limit on the number of colors which can be displayed and
	you get exactly the color you request.	(Note that
	Directcolor and staticcolor displays are not supported yet).

    o	The "persp" function now allows shading of the rendered
	surface using a simple lighting model.

    o	Many functions providing an interface to the operating system
	have been made "platform independent".	See the manual entries
	for "file", "list.files" and "file.show" for details of the new
	interface. The system.file() interface has been changed.

    o	There is a new function "eval.with.vis" which behaves exactly
	like "eval", but which returns both the result of the evaluation
	an a logical value indicating whether the value is ``visible''.
	This has been used to replace some ad-hoc tests for whether
	value should be printed or not in "source".  As a consequence,
	the "example" and "demo" functions no longer print invisible
	values when the example script is run.

    o   Index files in data directories in packages should be `00Index'
	not `index.doc'.

    o   Function interaction() to compute factor interactions.

    o   load() can load to specific environments.

    o	Sockets interface: make/read/write/close.socket()

    o	Function chull() for planar convex hulls

    o	pairs.formula() allows formula notations for scatter plot matrix.

    o   new dataset co2.

    o   documentation for datasets mtcars, plants, pressure, randu and sleep.

    o   the sunspots dataset is now monthly rather than annual.


    o   strsplit(), scan() and friends use a much larger char buffer
	 (still fixed size; this will change again)

    o   ts() allows a data-frame argument `data'.

    o   anova.lm handles singular models better, and deparses responses.

    o   dump() now uses digits=12 rather than the current setting.

    o   tabulate ignores entries beyond nbins rather than core dumps.

    o	?.C documents what C/Fortran types R objects correspond to
	in foreign function calls, which is not what everyone thought.

    o	changed long to int in several .C calls to follow the above rules.

    o	rbind(x1,x2) now does not lose dimnames when xi are 
	character or complex.

    o	readline() accidentally inherited menu()'s prompt.

    o	.C() and .Fortran() now correctly report that there might be
	NaN/Infs, not just NAs, unless NAOK=TRUE.

    o	Resizing an inactive graphics window to an invalid size left
	that window active and produced a spurious prompt and newline
	in the console window.	This no longer happens.

    o	poly() rescales x to increase accuracy

    o	apply() preserves names in yet another case [-> new example].

    o	phyper() now works for larger arguments than before.

    o	Missing values didn't work in log plot

    o	outer() doesn't produce all-empty dimnames any more

    o	quantile.default() works when `probs' has zero length

    o	example() now works again in all cases [AnIndex spaces].

    o	typos fixed in nlm() message, glm help

    o	pt() now works better for extreme `df' arguments and gives
	at least an approximate answer for ncp > 37.6. __more to change__

    o	fixed some glitches with formatC() and its docs.

    o	several fixes in *.c code to make -Wall happy

    o	curve() [and plot.function()] now use proper `x' values with log="x";
	`type = "."' now works with curve() and plot.function()

    o   zapped old windows files since they didn't build any more. 
	The sources for the later gnuwin32 version are expected to 
	appear here for 0.64.1. The #ifdef Win32's here are for that

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