R-0.63.3 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Mar 5 17:15:07 CET 1999

I've put up R-0.63.3.tgz up for FTP from Auckland some minutes ago.
As usual, don't get it from there unless you are desperate, but wait
for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

For those who *are* desperate, I've left a copy in
(Be gentle, that's my desktop PC!)

There's also a version split in two for floppies and a patch file if
you prefer that.

A special <mumble> with the patch file this time is that some binary
Java .class files got changed and can NOT be patched in. They are
provided separately in R-0.63.3-javaclass.tgz (to be unpacked in
../doc/html/search ).

We've been fairly active trying to eradicate a lot of minor bugs this
time, although a couple of nontrivial ones still remain. The next
version is likely to be 0.64.0, with Macintosh and Gnome support as
the major new features.

	For the R Core Team,

	Peter D.

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o	get() and assign() allow position in search list to be a
	character string. (e.g. get("delete.response","package:base") 

    o	HTML search now works for all packages (after new installation).

    o	R INSTALL now also copies DESCRIPTION file to target dir.

    o	offsets should work with lm as well as with glm now

    o	range() is now in the Summary group, trunc() back in the Math

    o	Under Unix, R-specific environment variables can now be kept/set
	in `~/.Renviron'.

    o	New options `latexcmd' and `dvipscmd' for specifying the locations
	of LaTeX and dvips; corresponding environment variables renamed to

    o	--vsize & --nsize now both give size in "single units" 
	(bytes/cons cells) with possible 
	suffixes "M" (Mega), "K"ilo (1024) and "k"ilo(1000).

    o	[pdqr]negbin() now also work with non-integer 'size' [by Ben Bolker].

    o	New standard package `lqs' for resistant regression and
	covariance estimation, contributed by B. D. Ripley.

    o	new functions match.fun() and kronecker() [by Jonathan Rougier]

    o	par(las = 3) is a new option.

    o	new function jitter()  [slightly more useful than S's].


    o   system(command, intern=FALSE, ignore.errors=FALSE) 
	changed 1st & 3rd argument names and is better documented.

    o   "/Font5 /Symbol findfont definefont" confused some printers

    o   Bounding box rotated 90 deg for landscape (shouldn't be)

    o   Legend skipped symbol for pch=0

    o   compilation on non-Intel Linux systems no longer looks for __setfpucw

    o   a %% b -- is now periodic instead of symmetric; more S compatible.

    o	locator(n=512) -- default: MANY points, not just one.

    o	qqnorm() uses ppoints() and returns list with x sorted along y.

    o	plot.formula now allows ylab to be set

    o	plotmath had trouble with paste()'ing expressions

    o	plotting math expressions now also works for objects of mode
	"call" (in particular on the result of substitute())

    o	locator() on log axes: value antilogged twice

    o	(a real oldie - and trival too) is.recursive now TRUE for

    o	sanitised delete.response

    o	x[["a",]] could crash R

    o	strwidth() crashed R if no device open

    o	predict inconsistencies with offsets straightened out

    o	tapply goofed when FUN returned named scalar

    o	[.factor now retains contrasts attrib.

    o	hist() had trouble with plotting math

    o	HTML indices get only built when installing a package to RHOME

    o	subscripting with a length zero logical no longer bombs.

    o	as.ordered(NULL) now returns an "ordered" object.

    o	--debugger .. now gives a warning if other command line args are used

    o	pt(t, df, ncp) now also works for bigger ncp's
    o	apply(a,d, fun) now passes vectors (rank 1 arrays) to fun.

    o	model.frame() with subset and only one column fixed

    o	boxplot(<data.frame>) now works again.

    o	dyn.load(..) failing gives more informative error message.

    o	Ops.factor:  not error, but a warning + NAs

    o	bug.report() keeps report file if can't be e-mailed

    o	Ops.data.frame :  things like  d.fr < a	  now return a matrix

    o	data.frame():  duplicated row.names now give a warning when dropped.

    o	boxplot(.., ylim=..) or (.., axes=..)  gave erronous warning

    o	glm had wrong init code for models with offsets. Also fixed
	so that linear predictor includes offset, also when predicting. 

    o	predict.glm didn't work with se=T

    o	backsolve(), qr.solve... now return a vector when x (or y) is a vector.

    o	string tags now converted to symbols and strange symbolic
	tags print as strings, cf. e<-quote(c(F=2, "tail area" = .5)), etc. 

    o	row.names(.) <- val  doesn't allow duplicated values anymore.

    o	library(mva)'s dist() now works with both "euclidean" & "euclidian"

    o	revised curve function to avoid using grep patterns that caused
	problems under Solaris 2.6
    o	coplot() now has 'number' and 'overlap' arguments, and should work
	in more situations. [by John Maindonald and MM].

    o	save(..ascii=TRUE) now uses "full precision" for numerics.

    o	as.array() preserves names()

    o	outer() works for general array args and preserves (dim)names.

    o	print.factor and print.ordered now return their args invisibly.

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