[ESS] ESS process on Docker containers and enabing Flymake

Shreyas Ragavan @hrey@@ @end|ng |rom |@@tm@||@com
Thu Feb 20 03:20:00 CET 2020


Apologies for the delayed response on this and thank you for your feedback.

> You need to install the lintr package.

So ESS actually needs the R package lintr installed to enable linting. It seems strange to me that I have to open R and install a package to get an 'IDE' functionality. Perhaps I am mistaken in my thinking.

Is flymake or some form of syntax check usually not commonly employed by users of ESS? Perhaps due to lag in response? It does seem to be something useful to have, atleast during troubleshooting.

Anyway - apparently flymake was activated by installing the lintr package. Now I have flymake[0 0] in the modeline. Each time I type something there's a 'wait', after which it returns to [0 0]. However, it does not catch any errors at all.

The elisp I'm using is below. I'm not sure if I need to set them to be TRUE or something.

(setq ess-use-flymake "lintr::with_defaults(

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