[ESS] Prevent new buffer for help from point

Julian M. Burgos ju||@n@burgo@ @end|ng |rom h@|ogv@tn@|@
Tue Feb 11 10:16:03 CET 2020

Ok, so I managed to get rid of the problem.  For me the issue was caused by one of the company-frontends (probably interacting with some other component of my setup).  I used to have these:

(setq company-frontends

I replaced them for this:

(setq company-frontends '(company-pseudo-tooltip-frontend

And now things are working fine.  The help file only gets open if I press F1 (and not automatically after a few seconds).

Of course, I do not undertand *why* things got fixed.  But I can live with that. :)



Dirk Eddelbuettel writes:

> Hi Julian and Pavel,
> On 10 February 2020 at 10:55, Julian M. Burgos wrote:
> | I am having the same issue.  Could you figure out what was causing this behaviour?  It is driving me crazy.
> Ah, good news in the sense that it is not just me, and yes, it is annoying as hell.
> I have not had time to decompose my ~/.emacs (and the other files it sources)
> so no news from here -- sorry.
> On 10 February 2020 at 19:37, Panko, Pavel wrote:
> | I had the same problem some months back; I switched from auto-complete to company-mode, and the problem stopped. Would be interested in a more full-fledged solution to this though.
> Hm. Very interesting.  I seem to have Auto-Complete (per C-h m) as well as
> Company.  I will give that shot and report back.
> Thanks,  Dirk

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