[ESS] Prevent new buffer for help from point

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Mon Feb 10 20:37:19 CET 2020

I had the same problem some months back; I switched from auto-complete to company-mode, and the problem stopped. Would be interested in a more full-fledged solution to this though.


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Hi Dirk,

I am having the same issue.  Could you figure out what was causing this behaviour?  It is driving me crazy.



Dirk Eddelbuettel via ESS-help writes:

> On 7 February 2020 at 10:06, Tyler Smith via ESS-help wrote:
> | On Fri, Feb 7, 2020, at 9:15 AM, Dirk Eddelbuettel via ESS-help wrote:
> | >
> | > On 7 February 2020 at 09:06, Alex Branham wrote:
> | > | Can you reproduce this without your .emacs file?
> | >
> | > But ESS would not be turned on without it.
> |
> | Since this only appears to be affecting your system, chances are there's   something in your config involved.
> Thanks to everybody who chimed in!  This thread has been helpful as this
> seems to be local to my setup and not a general misfeature -- good.
> | And since this just appeared, maybe it's a combination of a change in a recent ESS release that interacts badly?
> |
> | You can load ESS without your .emacs file via
> |
> |   emacs -Q
> |
> | followed by running the following code:
> |
> |   (require 'package)
> |   (setq package-load-list
> |       '((ess t)
> |         (julia-mode t)))
> |   (package-initialize)
> |
> | (assuming you installed via `package`)
> Yes and no, kinda. I also have a bunch of Emacs packages from Debian / Ubuntu
> but they too converted to using package via the melpa-$NAMEHER package setup.
> | That would allow us to at least rule out a bug in the version of ESS you've got, and give you a starting place for adding your .emacs back in to narrow down the source of the problem.
> |
> | I have a directory of these snippets, `ess.el`, `auctex.el`, `org.el`, `polymode.el`, each with a minimal config for the package in question, since I regularly discover new ways to break things ;)
> I hear you. 25 or so years with Emacs, mostly smooth, but getting a decent
> C++ environment was a constant change. I really like what I have now, modulo
> this nagging (and truly annoying) issue.
> I'll poke. Maybe I even start from a virgin Docker container with the same
> distro version and add package by package, starting with ess and polymode.
> Dirk

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