[ESS] R-versions

"Gérald Jean" gerald.jean at videotron.ca
Thu Oct 9 17:27:54 CEST 2014


I am running R from ESS on a linux box (RedHat). The admin of the server just installed R-3.1.1 in /usr/bin and I can't start it from Emacs, starts OK from the command line just by typing R.

I also have a patched version (3.1.0) installed in a private directory. From Emacs, "M-x R", "M-x R-patched" and "M-x R-newest" all start the R-3.1.0 patched version???

I also have TERR and Revo64 from RevolutionAnalytics installed in a private directory, I can start any of them from Emacs but not the R-3.1.1, installed in the standard /usr/bin location???

Any ideas???

Thanks for your support,

Gérald Jean

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