[ESS] Bugs (?) is ESS 12.09 (under Windows)

Jarmo Hurri jarmo.hurri at syk.fi
Sat Dec 15 21:53:56 CET 2012


Before reporting a few problems I want to set things in context by
congratulating the writers of ESS on creating a brilliant piece of

I use ESS under Linux myself, but need to use it under Windows when
teaching programming to students. We have installed the latest version
of Vincent Goulet's Emacs modified, which seems to include ESS 12.09 and
Emacs 24.2.1, and through these we run R 2.15.2.

Three problems have appeared, and I was able to reproduce two of them
1. In the R interaction buffer (or whatever it is called, the buffer
   where R is running), typing


   followed by Enter hangs Emacs.
2. Also, typing

   ls (

   followed by Enter (that is, leaving a command uncompleted), and then
   pressing M-p when the "+" prompt is shown hangs Emacs.

The third problem is that under some (not so uncommon conditions,
because I have seen this happen several times), sending a piece of R
code from an .R-file to be evaluated via C-c C-b leaves the cursor in
the R interaction buffer in the middle of the buffer, not at the bottom
where the prompt is. This is very annoying, because you always need to
go to the end of buffer "manually" (the error seems to persist if it
happens once). But I can not reproduce this right now.

Can somebody reproduce the first two problems and let me know if you
have bumped into the third one (and can reproduce it).

All the best,


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