[ESS] How to kill a SAS batch job

Daniel Muenz dmuenz at sdac.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 10 20:37:52 CEST 2009

Hi all, I have two questions related to killing SAS batch jobs which were
submitted with ESS.

1.  Is there an ESS command or some easy way within Emacs to kill a SAS
batch job?  Say a program I submitted with ESS has been running longer than
I think it should and I just want to kill it, what's the easiest way to do
this?  Just as I have F3 bound to submitting the code, it would be great if
I could have some other key bound to killing it.

2.  When I exit Emacs, is there a way to automatically kill all running SAS
jobs which were submitted through ESS?  If I have another copy of Emacs
open with its own submitted SAS jobs, I don't want those to be affected,
and similarly if I've got an xterm window open with SAS jobs running.

Thanks very much for all your help -- this list has been a great resource,

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