[ESS] Help setting key binding for ess

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Tue Mar 21 18:06:52 CET 2006

>>>>> "Seth" == Seth Falcon <sethfalcon at gmail.com>
>>>>>     on Tue, 21 Mar 2006 05:33:25 -0800 writes:

    Seth> "A.J. Rossini" <blindglobe at gmail.com> writes:
    >> We really ought to use a defvar for this setting, so apologies,
    >> Seth.

    Seth> Here is a patch that creates a variable ess-S-assign-key that the user
    Seth> can use to specify a key that should get mapped to '<-'.

    Seth> It doesn't use ess-smart-underscore, because that stops making sense
    Seth> if you haven't mapped '_'.

    Seth> For example, to have C-= insert '<-', you can put the following in
    Seth> .emacs:

    Seth> (setq ess-S-assign-key [?\C-=])
    Seth> (ess-toggle-S-assign-key t)

quite nice;  thank you, Seth!

However, the reversion (revert to previous state with smart
underscore) does not work, contrary to what the function name

I've applied your patch and improved it slightly 
 (- in doc string: `..', not `...`
  - use local function instead of global ess-insert-S-assign ) :


(defun ess-toggle-S-assign-key (force)
  "Set the key defined in `ess-S-assign-key'"
  (interactive "P")
  (require 'ess-mode)
  (require 'ess-inf)
  (let ((uscore (lookup-key ess-mode-map ess-S-assign-key))
	(insert-S-assign #'(lambda() (interactive) (insert ess-S-assign))))
    (if (and uscore
	     ;; (stringp uscore) (string= uscore ess-S-assign)
	     (not force))
	  (define-key ess-mode-map	    ess-S-assign-key nil)
	  (define-key inferior-ess-mode-map ess-S-assign-key nil))
      ;; else : "force" or uscore is "nil", i.e. default
      (define-key ess-mode-map	        ess-S-assign-key insert-S-assign)
      (define-key inferior-ess-mode-map ess-S-assign-key insert-S-assign))))

-- but I think one would really want the change such that a
second call to (ess-toggle-S-assign-key .) 
would revert to smart underscore.


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