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Pfaff, Bernhard Dr. Bernhard_Pfaff at fra.invesco.com
Mon Mar 20 10:43:08 CET 2006

Hello Martin,

I tried the code snippet provided by you below too. 

With emacs version: emacs-21.3 and ess version: ess-5.2.11, I detected
the following differences:

ad 2)
A new buffer opens, as expected, but the cursor remains in the R buffer
and does not switch to the help buffer.

ad 3)
Typing ss has no effect. However, C-n C-n works, by shifting the cursor
position one line down.

ad 4)
Whence the cursor is in the see also section on the line with
summary.lm, h starts a query, but (default summary.lm) does not appear.
Entering summary.lm manually and ENTER opens the desired new help
buffer, however.

Hope this helps a little bit.


Can we first be sure about what happens when: 
Here are detailed instructions (please, other "listeners" try them

1) After starting R (M-x R), 
2) inside *R* buffer type
      C-c C-v lm <Enter>
		  you should now be inside a newly created buffer
3) Type
	        = [S]kip to the "[S]ee also" section in the help buffer
	C-n C-n      
		(advance two lines: "the cursor" (the "point" in
		 should now be somewhere on the word 'summary.lm')
4) Type
		(in the minibuffer, you should be prompted with
		"Help on: (default summary.lm) "
		-> the help page for summary.lm opens in yet
		   another new buffer.

- Can you tell exactly where the above differs for you?

- Could you also try with a non-alpha version of Emacs, i.e.  
  Emacs 21.3 or 21.4 ?


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