[ESS] Freezing upon pasting into XEmacs running R

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Wed Mar 8 15:54:07 CET 2006

>I'm running XEmacs 21.4 (patch 16), ESS version 5.2.7,
>and R 2.2.1 on SPARC Solaris 2.9.
>When I start an R session within XEmacs, and then
>paste a multi-line expression as simple as
>a <- function(x, y)
>  return(x + y)
>into the R session, the XEmacs screen freezes
>and doesn't evaluate the expression.
>I can regain control with C-g and then clicking on
>Signals -> send INT, but the next time I try to paste
>any multi-line expression at the R prompt, the screen 
>will refreeze.
>I can paste one-line expressions in without problems.
>I get the same behavior when I paste from another XEmacs 
>buffer, frame, or instance (or even paste from a simple 
>editor like this mail client).
>Other than this paste problem, ESS seems to be working fine.
>I've tried starting XEmacs with the -no-init-file
>option but have the same problem. Other people on 
>my system don't experience this issue 
>I'd welcome any suggestions for how to fix this or
>how to try to track down the problem.
>Thank you,
Hi Stephen:

The version of xemacs that you are using has been withdrawn.
The bugginess is somewhat similar to what you describe; see

Does the problem also exist with the latest stable version of xemacs?
How about with the latest stable version of ESS?


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