[ESS] Freezing upon pasting into XEmacs running R

Stephen Weigand Weigand.Stephen at mayo.edu
Wed Mar 8 06:48:11 CET 2006


I'm running XEmacs 21.4 (patch 16), ESS version 5.2.7,
and R 2.2.1 on SPARC Solaris 2.9.

When I start an R session within XEmacs, and then
paste a multi-line expression as simple as

a <- function(x, y)
  return(x + y)
into the R session, the XEmacs screen freezes
and doesn't evaluate the expression.

I can regain control with C-g and then clicking on
Signals -> send INT, but the next time I try to paste
any multi-line expression at the R prompt, the screen 
will refreeze.

I can paste one-line expressions in without problems.

I get the same behavior when I paste from another XEmacs 
buffer, frame, or instance (or even paste from a simple 
editor like this mail client).

Other than this paste problem, ESS seems to be working fine.

I've tried starting XEmacs with the -no-init-file
option but have the same problem. Other people on 
my system don't experience this issue 

I'd welcome any suggestions for how to fix this or
how to try to track down the problem.

Thank you,


Stephen Weigand
Division of Biostatistics
Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn., USA
Phone (507) 266-1650, fax 284-9542

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