[ESS] can't invoke SAS from within Emacs using ESS on Unix

Biao Xing bxing at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jan 26 19:12:47 CET 2006

I was trying to run SAS interactively using Emacs and ESS under UNIX, but
I could not invoke SAS from within Emacs. I could not figure out why.
Below are some details:

 1) emacs test.sas &
 2) After keying in: M-x SAS, I then have four buffers:
         test.sas  in  (ESS[SAS] [none]) mode
        *SAS.log*  in  (Shell [] ESStr) mode
        *SAS.log*  in  (Shell [] ESStr) mode
        *SAS.lst*  in  (Shell [] ESSlst) mode
  and a mini buffer saying:
    ESS [SAS(SAS): /home/mylogin/ESSDIR/ess-5.2.11/etc/ess-sas-sh-command]
    starting data directory? ~/
 3) I simply hit return, then the mini buffer says:
    Process SAS is not running.

I use GNU Emacs 21.1.1 and ESS 5.2.11. In our Unix system we have SAS
9.1, SAS 8.2 and SAS6.12. I have no problem with running S/R from
within Emacs + ESS under Unix.

Any hints? I appreciate your help.


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