[ESS] Updated instructions/init file for XEmacs and Windows

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jan 13 19:16:50 CET 2006

Dear Rodney,

I believe that I responded to David's query earlier today. 

The two key points are that (1) the current installer for XEmacs installs
into c:\XEmacs by default (at least it does that for me); and (2) I was
reluctant to put ESS in among XEmacs packages, where it would be found by
require, because I worried about the XEmacs package tool becoming confused
(now that ESS is no longer an XEmacs package). If you, or someone else, can
think of a way of getting around (2), I'll implement it.


John Fox
Department of Sociology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4M4

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> >A couple of points:
> >
> >The Quickstart Package Guide at www.xemacs.org seems to suggest 
> >installing under Program Files. Any reason why you chose to 
> install in C:\XEmacs?
> >
> >The location of ess-site.el is hard-coded in your init.el. 
> On unix, and 
> >with my previous installation of ESS I could use just (require 
> >'ess-site) rather than (load whatever) Likewise with Auctex 
> I just have 
> >(require 'tex-site). The require format seems preferable and 
> means you 
> >don't have to update your init.el when installing a new 
> version (plus 
> >you don't have to change your website document). Maybe a 
> question for 
> >emacs gurus.
> >
> >David Scott
> >  
> >
> Hi David:
> The "Program Files" is a choice that I wasn't aware of, but 
> it makes sense since it is the default location for most 
> Windows programs. 
> As to your other point, load vs. require is a function of the 
> elisp variable load-path which is analogous to PATH.  An 
> elisp file in a directory that is in the load-path list can 
> be loaded with require without reference to the path to the 
> file; otherwise, load is necessary.
> I guess if "Program Files" had been used as the root, then 
> these packages would have been discovered automatically.  
> This is accomplished by the function 
> paths-construct-load-path, but apparently it is not working.
> That may be because the inputs to the function are incorrect, 
> check the values of the following variables (likely only one 
> of them will be set):
> early-package-load-path, late-package-load-path, 
> last-package-load-path.
> By the way, I don't consider myself an emacs guru; I leave 
> that to the wizards at GNU and the XEmacs Project.
> Rodney
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